Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pyros- choose wisely Padawan

There is this new place on Union Ave. called Pyro's.
Pyro's is all about pizza and it is kind of like Ghengus Grill, but for pizza. The way it works is you select the size, the sauce type, the meats, the veggies and cheese. It is fun to just go crazy with toppings and you can get pretty creative. The problem is you are the one who has to eat it! So if you choose lots of good stuff but it goes together in a strange way it is still your dinner. I would suggest thinking carefully about the type of things you like and then think if they blend together well.
      I got a snack size pizza with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, a bunch of olives, and Cajun chicken.
It was ok. The chicken had no taste and the crust is a cracker type, but the rest was good.
My Mom got a pizza with red sauce, mozzarella cheese just like me and she also got sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, sausage, mushrooms and other cheese. It was good to but still had a cracker crust- not her favorite at all. She won't go back. I think it is a NY thing.
My Dad got the pesto pizza it came pre-made and he did not decorate with anything else.He said it was good but I did not try it. Have you noticed that my Dad does not share often, and he usually has some basic choices. 

Pyro's is a cool place but needs to fix its crust or my Mom won't take me back. 
Logan Guleff at Pyro's

Ps. They do have a build it yourself salad: the same advice stands.

Love the Cabbage Leaf


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I have a tough Assignment for You Elwood's Shack

How do you eat through a menu?
Left to right?
Top to bottom?
Breakfast to lunch?
Or do you start with the specials?

Well I have a solution, just try to go as often as possible and try something new every time.
Eventually you will eat though a menu and you will know what's good and what's really good.

That's my plan for Elwood's menu, I mean what is better the fish tacos,the clam chowder,or the brisket sandwich, there are just too many choices.

So it was my 3rd time going and I saw the specials and it had every thing I like including: clam chowder a must have and a new favorite ops!
I guess I am suppose to be telling you what I got and not how it was.

Well, I got the clam chowder, the Ruben, and the tamales. My Dad got the brisket sandwich.
Starting with the clam chowder it was perfectly exquisite and better than Boston. It is now my favorite.
Next the Ruben, first they house cure there own pastrami. I mean who else does that?
It was good but lacked that New York rye bread, which would have put it over the top! The beef was the best.
The tamales were good, but not the best item I ordered. They were covered in Chili and very fresh pico. They tasted great just not clam chowder great.


Dad said the brisket sandwich was good but I did not try it. I was too busy eating the clam chowder.  

1st and my favorite clam chowder it was creamy. You could tell there were clams in it and everything was the same size, deliciously delectable.
2nd fish tacos just yummy.
3rd brisket wrap tasted better than the brisket I had in Texas that says it all.
I'll keep you posted if my order changes.

Oh yeah, Jessica knew my name when I walked in!!! How cool is that?!

 Love the cabbage leaf,
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Monday, February 3, 2014

La Michoacana

I went to ,Taqueria Camino De Michoacan not to be confused with theMichoacana ice cream one but a mexican restaurant and bakery off Jackson Ave.  It was a nice place they had a bakery and a lot of sweet yummy looking things like: some weird doughnuts, buns, rolls, and a bunch of other stuff that I looked at but couldn't understand.
It all looked SO good  I couldn't pick but I decided on a doughnut. It was cool but not quite me, to be truthful I don't much like sweets. It has a more doughy texture than an American doughnut. It had a nice sweet icing  and it was very pretty. 

Now back to the meal, they had three different salsas one of the three is a regular salsa,just your basic salsa, another one is a green salsa which I didn't like it, not me, and last one was  a smoky spicy salsa which was quite enjoyable.  I shared a torta with my Mom it was ok. It was on nice soft bread, spread with beans and carne asada. I like the one at La Guadualapana better but we did eat it all.
My Dad had some kind of steak thing it look kinda good but my Dad REALLY loves steak so he ate it ALL so unfortunately I did not get a bit. (so sad)
Overall it was good but with so many Mexican places to try in Memphis, I am not sure how soon we will go back. 
MasterChef Junior Logan Season 2 USA Jr
Love the Cabbage Leaf,

PS. This is my favorite thing to drink Mexican Coke- And my favorite shirt, Overcast Network for all you Minecrafters Caminos de Michoachan on Urbanspoon La MichoacanaLa Michoacana