Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Pig and Pint

On a recent trip south I asked Siri for the best restaurant near me and she recommended the Pig and Pint, in Jackson Mississippi.
The premise of the place is a new spin on BBQ and beer. Now I'm too young to drink so ask Mom about the beer. I ordered the bacon melt, the pork belly corndog, and the fried green tomatoes.
The sandwich was really good, it had some slightly acidic collard greens in it that helped balance out the richness of the brisket and pork belly. It was also served with comeback dressing. It was a sophisticated melt and the comeback dressing made me want to "comeback".

Now, on to the pork belly corndogs, for corndogs they were alright.  The rich sweet batter and the pork belly had a good contrast.  I think the pork belly could have been rendered just a bit more. The star of the dish was the dipping sauce. It was a smoked tomato ginger jam that was truly incredible. 

The fried green tomatoes followed the same path as the corndogs. Solid but awesome once you dip them in the tangy sauce. The corn coating was light and crips, all in all a solid fried green tomato.

The Pig and Pint made a really good lunch. I loved how they are trying new things with classic old flavors and the rows upon rows of trophies for bbq garuntee a good lunch. I wouldn't get those corn dogs again but there are other things calling my name.
 I hope to head south again soon and I know I will stop back. 

Thanks, Siri!

Love the cabbage,

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wagyu of the Sea

Ōra king

If your sifting through culinary terms your bound to come across wagyu beef the best tasting beef in the world. Now, for the seafood fans, is there a similar standard to the incredible lusciousness of waygu in the ocean? Crab is my personally favorite but it lacks that signature melt in your mouth experience, in the search for the wagyu of the sea I have finally found it.

Ōra King Salmon is the most incredible salmon I have ever had. This salmon has that X factor that is only matched by wagyu beef, it is just the most delicious, most tender, most flavorful salmon out there. The company uses sustainable fish farming methods to grow king salmon which only accounts for 5% of all salmon enjoyed, also the fish are grown in New Zealand in the clearest water in the world.

As a chef using a fish with such incredible flavor means that you really have to use the right flavor profiles that won't get over powered by the salmon and also won't conflict with the flavor. When utilizing a fish that has a high fat content takes more skill than your average fish, mimicking how you would treat wagyu. 

Ōra king sent me a whole salmon so... I had to break down the whole fish, its always more fun to fillet a fish you aren't so locked into making something boring like a simple portion you get to make portions that best suit the dish its a big deal to design a dish and have the perfect piece of fish for it.

When it comes to creating exquisite dishes it takes some thyme, so having 15lb of the best salmon in the world is a lot, well a lot is an understatement. I thought of doing a salmon dinner but I am going to spend some thyme imagining the most incredible menu for the wagyu of the sea. Unfortunately that means I have to freeze some, I know its bad but what am I going to do with 15lbs of salmon. It's a perfect Chef dilemma.

Love the Cabbage,

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Never doubt your"self"

Self Publishing Lessons-

1. Find a really nice person at the Printer to talk to - you will be calling them all the time.

2. Contracts contracts contracts- write it down!

3. Putting Skin in the Game, or paying- is PAINFUL, ok, a little over exaggerated but no risk no reward!

When I started to do the graphic novel first thing I did was write everything I expected and I would deliver down. I made sure that Cindy Tan knew I was serious and valued her talent. Also I took some thyme to find the right people for each job.

Then I crafted out all of my Characters- this was the fun part. I know who is coming and you don't!

I wrote their back stories likes dislikes and even favorite colors, everything needed to make a personality. These characters are very real to me, and understanding how they must be consistent yet changing and deciding how the events effect them is just the most fun.

Next Cindy drew them and like a true mind reader I loved them! She is freaking amazing to be honest I am the luckiest person she agreed to help me. 

When the first half was finished and the concept mapped out for the second half then I wrote the second half. This was much harder- and less fun as story telling it is really the baking part of the book( I hate baking). That means the rules and guides and info I wanted to share were much more concrete and much less well, fun.

Fun started to kick back in when all the pages came together- we laid out the entire book and WOW!

I returned to the printer and got 3 copies - fantastic to feel and see the entire years work come together, making the collector editions and concept art and all that fun stuff is just indescribable. After the shock wore off we were back to work changing proofing and more minor detail. Another lesson, embrace your inner perfectionist after all the work put in don't stop short of a few things here and there. 

Did I mention editing and more editing and even more editing---no... well next time I am hiring a proof reader and editor. Please apply below!

Hope you enjoy these sneak peeeks-

Love the cabbage


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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CookBooks or Story Books or Books...

CookBooks and other Odities...

The photo that got the ball rolling
When you are dreaming of being a chef you can't help but dream of making a cookbook. The problem for me is I don't use them. I know your thinking WHAT!

But it is true.

I have only opened 3-4 in my entire life. One was to see Gordon Ramsay's Autograph, one was to get a cake recipe Betty Crocker, standard Martha Stewart's Cookie book ( I don't like to bake) and one was a gift and I kinda wanted to look at the pictures.

So writing a cookbook seemed totally foreign to me- I mean honestly, do you follow recipes?

Check my poll on twitter- I will pin a tweet poll there

My first idea was to write a book to teach you how to think like I do- with lots of photos and space for my readers to explore. I mean a big ole book. Problem with that is wow. it a lot of work and a lot of money to produce and you would have to re-imagine cooking to see it how I do.

I started brainstorming with my Mom and we thought about what I love, who I am, and a bunch of other stuff.  This crazy girl on Instagram drew me on the show in this wild manga style now I mean wicked cool. It stuck with Mom- said write a Graphic Novel.

I read Graphics, love them for the fun way they tell a story in a newer style. They help me get through some classics like Shakespeare and I love Manga art. You might not know this but Japan is my goal city and Manga is like a gateway to the cool world of perfect food and cute things, lots of cute things.

I started by messaging this crazy girl- crazy talented and well,l say crazy cause she said yes! She said she would draw my story. I had to make some sacrifices. I was writing a different series of stories about another character and I really, really did not want to write about a fictional me. It is rather weird to write about yourself as a character and exactly how it all fit together. But I did it.

Today my first Novel a Graphic Novel Adventure Cookbook is going to press. The crazy talented girl Cindy Tan is my Illustrator, Micah Phil is my colorist and letterer, my Aunt did the proof reading, It is a huge group effort. My Gran helped with the title, Cooking Dreams.

I like it- what would Cooked Dreams taste like? Success? I am still thinking about that!
Here are some cool photos of the entire process and trust me it was a long one.

Love the Cabbage,

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Well, Butter my Biscuits...

The National Cornbread Festival!

I really enjoy a good festival, so when I saw the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg TN. I had to go. Lodge talked to me and I was selected to be the Emcee of the Kid's Cook Off. 

It took some convincing to get Dad to drive but we set off on a road trip. Yaaa, road trips are so much fun. After the five hour car ride we finally arrived. 

The festival was a great mix of, art, music, carnival fun, and of course great corn bread. I Emceed the 4-H cornbread cook off. That means 4th graders compete for $500 and bake their recipe for the win. The tension was high, these kids all really wanted to win. When your 9-10 years old 500 bucks is a lot of money. Heck, it is a lot of money to just about everyone.

The festival sponsored by Lodge Cast Iron and Martha White cornbread mix was huge almost 30K of people showed up for the fun

It's interesting to learn about the benefits of cooking in cast iron and the love affair cast iron has with cornbread. One tip I learned was to pre-heat your cast iron pan before pouring in the corn bread to make sure it won't stick. I use cast iron now and then but with some new tricks and a new skillet, of course, it might be my go to pan. 
I also found this really cool knife made out of an old railroad spike that I just can't wait to try. 

The high point of the whole trip was defiantly the Lodge Foundry tour. Seeing how such a classic and distinctly American product is made and taking a trip back in thyme a little bit looking at how a business evolved since 1896. Actually noticing when machinery changed and the break room got redesigned was quite fascinating.

Cast iron is one of those cooking methods that has a learning curve but if your able to master it then it will work forever, like forever.
First the pans need to be seasoned and then you need to care for these pans carefully. It isn't too much extra work and it is pretty easy once you commit to your pan. Name your skillet it helps.

Watch for me to post up a video on the care and seasoning of a pan or two and you might just join me in loving this sustainable and healthy cookware. 
Hit this link for a cool 360' video I took in the foundry!

Love the Cabbage,

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Life on the Edge

Stuart Edge.

About a year ago I made a video with a magician named Stuart Edge, now you might ask exactly why a magician and a kid chef teamed up to make a video together and it's simple food is Magic. The video that we made was an instant Fathers day steak dinner, I did the "Steak Dinner" part and Stuart covered the "Instant" part we both thought the other had the harder part. Ultimately the video was a huge hit and was incredibly fun to produce.


Now, let's come back from the past and into the now, Stuart and I have stayed good friends since and when he got an idea for another video he called me up. The next video, I am not going to give very many spoilers away, but, it is going to take place at a homeless shelter. It will Air on Random Acts soon. 
While I was out in Utah, we plotted and planned about how to have some more fun because we were both kinda bored. I also went skiing for the first time, it was a lot of fun. I found out my ice skating skills translate just fine to skiing. Maybe I have a future as ski instructor chef. 

So from past, to present, to the future, we decided we really like making videos together and we are thinking of making a new series of videos along the lines of "Will it Cook". This should include elevating some of your favorite fast foods to chef quality meals. What do you think?? Will it cook?  Give my Youtube a subscribe and you'll be the first to see these new videos!

Love the beef

Also be sure to check out Stuart Edge's  Youtube channel and the fathers day video.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


India The final stop on my tour of India was Kolkata, like everywhere in India this city was just as historic and colorful.
For me this is when being in India really set in, seeing the world you see in movies and books was more than incredible. Everything you think you know about India comes from Kolkata, the British architecture, infinite markets, the Ganges river, the really old indestructible cars, narrow alley ways filled with street food vendors, and so much more, well, so much more is such an understatement. We will get back to sight seeing later.The Olympiad is turning up the heat. Kolkata was the last leg of the journey and after one last semifinal round the top ten were announced. If you have ever competed then you know the stress and tension right before they announce the finalists, a reliving moment for some and an anguishing one for most.

 The final challenge was to make 16 tapas and 4 main courses in 90 minutes.
One of the interesting things about judging an international culinary competition is the allowed ingredients, where they came from and how they balance the familiarity that different countries would have with them.

 When judging flavor the only thing that counts is whats on the plate not what happened to get the food on the plate, but with technical judging you can get an idea of how tasty a dish could be from the technique.  
Back the sight seeing there was one more thing I had to do before the closing ceremony and the 30 hour plane ride home, I had to stop at the spice market and a long list of spices one third of which I can't pronounce. I got so many spices it seemed I got a spice shop and some more lasting souvenirs. Mama bought and wore a beautiful saree. 
But, ultimately the best souvenir was the memories and plus when I read the history book and it comes to India I have experienced some of what the book talks about.
It's kind of sad to wrap up such an incredible journey and not relive it while writing the blogs and looking through the photos, and its also hard to move on from being a rock star with touring, preforming, fans, airports, and a surreal experience for just a kid from Tennessee.

Thank you, Dr & Mam Bose, Mr. Hoon, Mam Sudyshna, Mr Sweet Naveen, My girl Mansi, Chef Bhurat, Priyam and the IIHM students, and Young Chefs! 

Trick shot
Love the cabbage, Leaf
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Ps.  I forgot one more detail I was on a billboard in Delhi which is extremely fun and another thing crossed off the bucket list. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hallo Willkommen auf meinem Blog

Behind the Scenes- The making of a segment...

A while back and I mean a while, i got this email saying hey would you want to do an episode of Galileo Tv.  I said yes, of course, sounds fun!

After about 400 emails well really 500- the shoot was set and my Mom had planned out all the aspects of the segments to shoot here in Memphis. It might seem easy but with everything there are phone calls and asking and email and more emails...

When the Crew arrived they brought me some goodies from Germany and then seriously we got down to work.
They are the top of the game and true professionals. As always it was loads of fun but some serious work and retakes. Understanding how much thought and planning goes into a segment can really blow your mind.
I shared my City with them and sent them to Graceland with Mom, gave them the best BBQ in Memphis at Central and we filmed.

For the first time I created a new spice blend live. It came out perfect to my vision and it was just so much fun to share the creative process with the Crew. For me the evolution of a spice blend has always been done while the cameras were not rolling so to be able to share how I make one was awesome.

I always get nervous for about 10 minutes after I film and worry about the EDIT. I had nothing to worry about, when you work with pros it makes every aspect of a video go from good to the best.

This piece is first class, perfect and I loved it even if I can't speak German!

Here is a big shout out of Thanks to the Galileo Team for making me look great!

Thanks for joining my journey
Love the Cabbage Leaf


P.S- here is the link so you can watch the segment.
"Youngest Chef In The World" by Galileo
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Whiskey, Soda, Lollipop, IIHM on the TOP!

The opening of the Young chef Olympiad was so much fun. There were some speeches and some flags and some dancing... lots of dancing. The girls were all dressed in the most colorful costumes and the music was vibrant and exotic. I mean you don't see this stuff on Dance Mom's.

I gave a speech too- I had one carefully memorized but in true Logan style I went rogue and made it all up!
The Young Chefs are the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best....

Even though it was unexpected and almost all of the planners had a come apart it still worked out great.
Now enough celebration it was time for the competition to commence. 

I know people think I can't or shouldn't judge but I am super serious about it. I have a fresh perspective and I know how I would cook something and defiantly how it should taste. I look for confidence, body language, nerves, and more, not going to give out all my secrets.

I lot of people think that since i am still a kid they can sway me with friendship or bribes but ultimately what matters the most is whats on the plate, if you want to be the best of the best you have to impress the best of us watching. I was honored!

Then we hopped on a Spice Jet plane named Parsley and took off for Bangalore, the Garden City.

The IIHM group there really out did themselves to welcome us! Flowers Drummers, sunshine and Koti rolls. I loved it! My friends there even found me a most adorable suvi a Tuk Tuk toy! How nice is that?!

Sadly, I was there just one night and back to Spice jet to head to Kolkata.

Love the cabbage,
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

India...The Land of Orange

India Continued

When you go to India it is easy to forget great moments like having lunch on a rooftop overlooking the Taj Mahal. I am not sure why?! Maybe because it is so VIBRANT... or SPICY...or INDIA 

Eating on that roof  was just as incredible as it sounds. The meal was also quite delicious. The lunch was themed like the Munghals liked to eat, with a lot of different bowls of curries and other tasty treats. My favorite curry was the Agra special lamb curry close second was the pannier cheese tomato curry it was kind of a mix between a curry and something I don't know, but it was really, really good. 

The lamb curry was layered with flavors and the dish showcased the regional nature of Indian cooking, with the pannier curry it was just the immense lusciousness of the cheese and how the tomato-ish sauce complemented the entire meal. Here is the list of all the little dishes, Agra lamb curry, chicken curry, pannier curry, dhal, some really good cauliflower. 
Now, on to the inside the dishes they were the cake ball dessert, a dipping sauce which was creamy and slightly sour, some tandoori chicken, fish, and lamb. You know there is a lot of food if there is a list within a list.
Also there were three types of naan bread the original a chickpea version and a spinach one. Over all the meal was a perfect way to start an adventure since there was a little bit of everything. 

This is when you discover that India is a land of diverse food and OMG SWEETS. In the USA we only get some little balls, the dry milk cake, and rice pudding- but in INDIA sweets rule the land.

In Agra the local sweet is a white pumpkin. They cook and crystallize it an amazing way that it is 1/2 dried fruit and 1/2 fried fruit I think I really dont know. I loved the small triangles stuffed with beetle nut and rose but we brought home just the plain sugared pumpkin.

Enjoy these photos and check back - I still have to share Bangalore and Kolkata!

Love the Adventure

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