Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pickles, Pickles, Every Where ...

I like Pickles. So I wanted to make some.  I went to the farmers market today in Copper Young Area. They had fruit, vegetables and yummy things to eat. Even a guy who owns a worm farm! They had some delicious looking beets, so I got some to make pickle beets. Not your ordinary pickle. 

I needed some help for this. First we roasted the beets, then we made a pickle juice. Ours had water, apple cider vinegar, cloves, bay leaf, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamon and sugar.  We sliced the beets, added them to a sterilized jar and poured the pickling juice in. I think they will be fabulous!

A couple of weeks ago we made dill pickles. I sliced the cucumbers with a crinkle cutter and we used a package of pickle mix. They are not as good as last years but they look pretty.

I also used some of the pickle juice from the beets and added fresh thinly sliced stalks of garlic and mashed it up. Mom said it would be a good salad dressing. 

Get creative in the kitchen! Don't forget to visit the worm guy at the farmers market too. 

Love the cabbage, Leaf

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beat the Heat get a Gryo

At Castle Restaurant on Park Ave. This hidden restaurant is perfect for a delicious meal.
Middle Eastern Food is unusual for this Memphian, but I like it.

The Gryo sandwich is big and fresh. The meat is different and very flavorful. The tzatzki gave a fresh taste. Loaded with fresh veggies and tons of meat. The pita bread was grilled nicely.

I ordered the Shish Kabob (beef)  sandwich and it was more unusual with many different spices. It had a pickle in it. The whole thing was all wrapped in flat bread, I traded it for the Gyro! It was a bit heavy tasting and I missed that yummy yogurt sauce.

 The Hummus was not the best. It was a tad bitter. But it looked beautiful with oil and fresh herbs. I like my hummus sweeter.
The Lady was very friendly and she wanted me to be happy and like the food.

I would like to try the falafel, philly cheese steak and a greek salad. So I would definitely go back in fact it would make a good lunch today.....

Love the Cabbage- Leaf

Castle Restaurant
Middle Eastern American Cuisine
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ni Hao all you Chinese Food Lovers

I went to Mosa (in east Memphis) with some friends. The food was good. I really wanted the Tokyo Style Sea Bass but decided not to wait the extra time for it to cook. I went with the Sesame Chicken and fried rice. It was oh, so tasty I had to have another plate. No Chinese meal is complete without wonton soup and an egg roll. The soup was a very peppery and the egg roll was filled with shrimp. 

 The menu was a bit exotic with sea bass, edemame and lettuce wraps. My friends had the Hunan Chicken and the Wraps. They really liked it. 
I would go back. They look like they have a good business going. The restaurant was pretty and clean. The people were very friendly too.

Zai Jian,
Love the Cabbage, Leaf

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