Monday, August 24, 2015

The corner of Cooper and Young, Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar

Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar

I first heard of Strano from a FB post back when I was on TV. I got an invite to visit and to play with some of the cool culinary tools Chef Josh uses daily. He wanted to help me with Foam. So, this isn't an ordinary blog post.

Chef Josh is the youngest restaurant owner, he has a lot of molecular tools to help fuel his ideas.
He is naturally the kind of guy I like to be around.

Chef Josh also helped me host my final episode party, thanks Josh!

Chef Josh's restaurant Strano! is located at
 that cursed spot at Cooper and Young. The restaurant is decorated with cool art, and a nice flow. The restaurant has sound baffles which make a large space fell quiet and cozy.

When I went and played around with Josh, I made a pesto pizza and Dad really liked it....

You may know what happens when dad really likes something...   He gets a craving!

We ordered on the first visit ( It was that good!) the fried calamari, pesto pizza, and toasted ravioli. The calamari was nicely breaded and sliced nice and thin the dipping sauce was a simple marinara, a well balanced dish.

The fried ravioli were nice and crispy and very good.

Chef Josh let me go in the kitchen and make the pesto pizza , so I can't really critique the pizza but, I could have made it rounder.

On the second visit I ordered the calamari again.
Dad ordered The Sous Vide pork tenderloin, he thought that the Sous Vide was a very interesting way to cook, Dad liked it.

Mama ordered Chef Josh's Signature spinach pie, the recipe is Josh's grandma's so you know it has to be good!
Mama really enjoyed the pie.

Chef Josh did one of the hardest things to do, he un-cursed
a location.

Love the Cabbage, 

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Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & BarStrano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar