Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bon Appetite, Monsieur

A bit of Paris in Memphis, Where? Monsieur Demarcus near the medical center. This new French inspired restaurant brings new flavors for us all to enjoy. 

I wanted to try the crepes since that is what they are most famous for but they do offer sandwiches and some heartier dinner fare at night. They had a tempting sign for bignets too but when there is a page of desert crepes they were destined to go untried.

The table ordered 3 different savory crepes- a chicken pesto with an  herb crepe, the C'est Magnifique a veggie crepe, and La Hash a ham aserigus crepe. These are the top 3 sellers and they were all very good. The crepes were cooked to perfection, not browned or under cooked, very light and the filling was generous and very nicely seasoned.  The ingredients tasted fresh. The plates looked lovely too. That always makes a dish delightful. 

Now I only got to try one dessert crepe, my mom ordered it without even checking with me! Strawberry and Brie. I, of course, asked for some raspberry sauce too. Oh La La.... this sauce was for me. It had hints of woodland raspberries perhaps some raspberry cordial,and it was fantastic. The crepe was light, buttery, just the right sweetness and lovely to look at. I think the whipped cream had powder sugar in it but melted just perfectly. You HAVE to try it!!!
MasterChef Logan Guleff With Chef Monsieur  Memphis

The service was great and the Chef, came to the table and told us all about his dreams, plans and specials. They are having a Friday night Happy Hour 5-6pm, 5 crepes for 5 dollars. This means more dessert!  
Really you need to try it....

Love the cabbage Leaf,

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