Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blue Chef Coat Double Thumbs Up To Blue Apron

Everyone really knows I love to cook and I just kind of create and plan out my ideas and menus in my head. I keep a recipe book, so that I don't forget. I also have a food journal and even a sketch book.

So when I started hearing about companies that send fresh food to your door, I was curious. What would this be like to get a box of food? Easy? Boring? Dull? Expensive?

Blue Apron Junior masterchefI ordered a 3 meal, 2 person plan from Blue Apron and to say I skeptical would be an understatement!

The website was easy to use, the recipes and food looked creative.

My first impressions were very positive.

When my box arrived it was on time and perfectly packaged! The food was in great shape and it all looked really fresh.

Now I am a very adventurous kid chef so to have three new ingredients was very surprising. I had heard of these ingredients, just never cooked them, so that got me even more excited.

First, I prepared the Lamb Burgers with the harrissa spread, and wow were they good. The directions were simple and straight forward, the pictures made it easy to follow.

I don't cook from recipes but I tried my best to stay straight with these.

 Had I been hacking them ,I would have added some mayo or yogurt to the harrissa and used the extra arugula in a side salad with the harrisa as a dressing. 

The carrot side was so simple and good we have made them since. The carrots were seasoned with caraway seeds and cumin. The meal did require some prep work but it was definitely worth it! I really loved my lunch.

It was a thumbs up! And I was starting to get impressed

Next up the Tamarind glazed cod.

The dish has included the glazed cod some zesty rice and a jicama cucumber topping.

I could not resist pan searing one piece of fish, I just needed that extra bit of control, all in all this was a great tasty dish! The tamarind was the new item for me and I really liked it. I plan to buy a bottle for the pantry.

The simple addition of lime zest to the rice just was genius and added a bunch of brightness to the plate.
I had lots of extra jicama and cucumber so I made a salad and that was a bonus.
Another thumbs up!

Last was the baked chicken with potato latkas and celery root.

The celery root was new to me and it was fabulous definitely a buy again! What a pop of fresh flavors! Now, my mom makes the best potato pancakes, so these were just ok for me. But if your mom does not make the best potato pancakes then these would be good.

I liked the apple mustard chutney and have made it several times since.

While one piece of chicken is technically enough for a serving I could have had another.

The roasted cabbage was very unusual and it was also unusual plating.

All in all the roasted veggies, pancakes and chicken made a great meal.

So you ask would I get it again?
Heck yeah! Hot lunch or dinner, fun to cook, easy but just a touch chefie, perfect packaging and ease for a busy schedule! Also this gets you cooking and gets the creative juices flowing!

If you are going to be a loyal Blue Apron customer then I would invest in two or three refrigerator bins to keep all the food together.

I hope to get another box ASAP!

And as an added surprise here is a special link from Blue Apron just for you!

Get 2 Meals Free On Your First Order!

Happy cooking

Love the Cabbage Leaf,
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