Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rock the boat go to Rock'n Dough

Rock'n Dough is located in East Memphis, near Stash Furniture.
The inside of it is small but nicely furnished.
We go to Rock'n Dough when we have a pizza dispute.

That happens more often then you might guess.
When I fist had their pizza it was in a food truck. I remember the slice I got had bacon on it. I liked it. I think that is how the company started.
We usually have a large pizza with mushrooms, sausage, and sometimes olives. 
The pizza has a hand tossed
medium thick crust. It is a little doughy on the top. The cheese is gooey and very stretchy. The sauce is savory, the mushrooms are fresh, the olives are well olives.    

 One cool thing about them is the fancy pizza by the slice. They have the pizza out and the slices always look fresh.

I really like the place, it is not my favorite but it is a good pizza.

Love the cabbage leaf,

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be Majestic at Majestic Grille

Majestic Grille is my Grandmother's favorite place.
It was an old movie theater that got turned into a restaurant.
They always have a black and white movie on a projector playing with no sound, but it is still cool.

Now onto the food.
I shared a salmon pizza with my Mama.
The crust was thin and generously sprinkled with salmon. It had spinach on it which I did not know about.
It could have used a light cream sauce. Overall it was ok. I would not order it again.

Dad ordered a hanger steak with mashed potatoes.
He thought that it was tasty but there were too many potatoes. It could maybe use a few green beans.

My Grandmother ordered the pork tenderloin with carrots, curly onion fries and mashed potatoes.
She liked it, it is what she usually orders.

If you want a majestic dinning experience go to Majestic Grille .

Love the cabbage leaf,
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tops BBQ Burgers?!

Well,everyone is always raving about Tops BBQs' burger. They all say that the burger is something else.
My Dad is a huge Tops fan and late one night we went and got burgers. The inside is a BBQ shack at heart.
Howie Mandel would freak!
So here comes the burger, large, juicy, greasy, toasted, beefy, tomato, condiments, and the good old lettuce, everything a burger needs.
Surprise, it is really good. The fries,now, they are extremely good! Old fashion crinkle cut so they hold the ketchup really well and just an all around outstanding crispy fry. 

I've joined the Tops burger club and I think you should too!

Love the cabbage, Leaf


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A first for Me at Tart

One of my favorite X-Librarians said that Tart was really good so I had to go and give it a try.

Tart is located on Cooper. It's a small European feeling coffee house/bakery. I expected it to be arranged like La Baguette with lots of treats but Tart had fewer, more elegant, hand crafted, fancier treats. I like a big selection so this seemed strange to me. I did see many things I wanted to try but this isn't a huge variety place. It is an elegant,crafted place.

We decided on a cherry tart and Pain Au Chocolate, with 2 different coffees. Mama got the Cubano, it was kind of smoky  which was nice. I got the Espresso. I Really liked it, it was my first Espresso ever! 

The pastries were good. The Pain Au Chocolate was really great. I especially liked it dunked in the coffee. The cherry tart could have used a hint of something- maybe citrus or spicy pepper. It was just a bit salty and not very sweet which was very nice! 

They had an interesting choice of breakfast and lunch foods all which sounded fabulous and I am eager to go again. There is a fancy salmon dish served in a jar with butter and baguette that sounds like a must try.

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

I think Espresso might be addicting!

Logan Guleff Midtown Memphis Tart MasterChef Junior Season 2

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Monday, June 2, 2014

On the hunt for Japanese Food- I found Sakura


It's a long standing Japaneses restaurant on Poplar, you might have missed it. It is tucked behind a store or something.
The interior is nice, slightly fancy, Japaneses decor.
I ordered the sushi sampler and shrimp tempura lunch special. It was a lot of food.

The sushi part of the lunch came with four pieces of sushi: shrimp, crab,salmon,and tuna. It was all fresh and tasty. It was beautifuly plated. The wasbabi and ginger both had a nice flavor. One of the better plates of sushi I have had in a while.

The tempura part of the lunch had 2 huge fried shrimp, some veggies like sweet potato, squash, onion, and eggplant. The tempura batter was light and crispy. All of the veggies were well cooked. On the side of the tempura was some asian slaw, asian pickles, sliced fruit, and broccoli with a wasabicream sauce. Since this lunch special also came with soup and salad it was a gigantic meal.
Logan Guleff Fish boy Memphis Tennessee blogger MasterChef Junior 2


If your starving then go to Sakura.

Love the cabbage leaf,
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