Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Whiskey, Soda, Lollipop, IIHM on the TOP!

The opening of the Young chef Olympiad was so much fun. There were some speeches and some flags and some dancing... lots of dancing. The girls were all dressed in the most colorful costumes and the music was vibrant and exotic. I mean you don't see this stuff on Dance Mom's.

I gave a speech too- I had one carefully memorized but in true Logan style I went rogue and made it all up!
The Young Chefs are the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best....

Even though it was unexpected and almost all of the planners had a come apart it still worked out great.
Now enough celebration it was time for the competition to commence. 

I know people think I can't or shouldn't judge but I am super serious about it. I have a fresh perspective and I know how I would cook something and defiantly how it should taste. I look for confidence, body language, nerves, and more, not going to give out all my secrets.

I lot of people think that since i am still a kid they can sway me with friendship or bribes but ultimately what matters the most is whats on the plate, if you want to be the best of the best you have to impress the best of us watching. I was honored!

Then we hopped on a Spice Jet plane named Parsley and took off for Bangalore, the Garden City.

The IIHM group there really out did themselves to welcome us! Flowers Drummers, sunshine and Koti rolls. I loved it! My friends there even found me a most adorable suvi a Tuk Tuk toy! How nice is that?!

Sadly, I was there just one night and back to Spice jet to head to Kolkata.

Love the cabbage,
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

India...The Land of Orange

India Continued

When you go to India it is easy to forget great moments like having lunch on a rooftop overlooking the Taj Mahal. I am not sure why?! Maybe because it is so VIBRANT... or SPICY...or INDIA 

Eating on that roof  was just as incredible as it sounds. The meal was also quite delicious. The lunch was themed like the Munghals liked to eat, with a lot of different bowls of curries and other tasty treats. My favorite curry was the Agra special lamb curry close second was the pannier cheese tomato curry it was kind of a mix between a curry and something I don't know, but it was really, really good. 

The lamb curry was layered with flavors and the dish showcased the regional nature of Indian cooking, with the pannier curry it was just the immense lusciousness of the cheese and how the tomato-ish sauce complemented the entire meal. Here is the list of all the little dishes, Agra lamb curry, chicken curry, pannier curry, dhal, some really good cauliflower. 
Now, on to the inside the dishes they were the cake ball dessert, a dipping sauce which was creamy and slightly sour, some tandoori chicken, fish, and lamb. You know there is a lot of food if there is a list within a list.
Also there were three types of naan bread the original a chickpea version and a spinach one. Over all the meal was a perfect way to start an adventure since there was a little bit of everything. 

This is when you discover that India is a land of diverse food and OMG SWEETS. In the USA we only get some little balls, the dry milk cake, and rice pudding- but in INDIA sweets rule the land.

In Agra the local sweet is a white pumpkin. They cook and crystallize it an amazing way that it is 1/2 dried fruit and 1/2 fried fruit I think I really dont know. I loved the small triangles stuffed with beetle nut and rose but we brought home just the plain sugared pumpkin.

Enjoy these photos and check back - I still have to share Bangalore and Kolkata!

Love the Adventure

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Vines - #PlayWithYourFood

These are small videos I made that are no more than 6.5 seconds, that are posted on Vine. Hope you like them. I better publish before Vine Vanishes.

I have not made one in a long time but I just loved the idea.

Here's my Vine:

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Incredible Indian Journey

If you have been following me for a long thyme pun intended,
then you might know that i have been working on filling out my bucket list. 
I have just crossed off one of the seven wonders of the world the Taj Mahal. But now to see the Taj you must first go to India. So like all of my adventures there is a story of how I got to India, and then to Agra, and then to the Taj Mahal.

It all starts with The Young Chef Olympiad, now before you ask if I took home the gold medal I was a judge not a competitor. You have to be a 3rd year college student to compete. I talked to the founder of the Olympiad Dr Bose
 and worked out all the details after that and some immunizations I boarded the 17 hour flight to India. The Olympiad included a tour of 4 cities Delhi, Bangalore, Puna, and Kolkata. I came a couple of days early to go and see the Taj Mahal. The Olympiad consisted of 38 countries competing for $10,000 US Dollars. There were several different types of challenges some were to follow a recipe and others were a mystery box, the top 10 countries competed in the final heat. Singapore won the competition.

Judging the YCO was fun but seeing India was a lot more fun. I started in Delhi and then went to Agra this is when being in India really set in. The drive to Agra was a bit of a road trip I had some spicy red onion flavored chips because whats a road trip without snacks. Also there was a man riding an elephant and some monkeys and a lot more. When it comes to describing the Taj the photos are really well known but one of the things the photos don't quite show is the immence inlay. The entire building is covered with inlay and the optical trick used like the Arabic actually gets larger as it goes up so that it looks the same size from a distance and some others. 
This is just the first post of India because there is so much to mention and remebering every little detail that took the trip from just a trip to a journey.
Also I took the photos.

Love The Cabbage

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