Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Smoke on Summer Los Picosos Mexican Cantina

If your feeling brave and you want an authentic Mexican experience then try Los Picosos on Summer Ave. When you drive up you'll see a lot of smoke coming from the back, you'll wonder what they are cooking. It took me a while to figure it out. They are grilling up some delicious chicken, but only on the weekends. 
Now they marinade the chicken, chop it into large pieces and serve it with rice, beans, salad, and tortillas. This chicken looks like it just got off the expressway from Flavorville. It is not too expensive and is a major treat. I love the smokey taste and the tender juicy meat. It is  a must try.
Logan Guleff  Memphis Tennessee MasterChef Jr 2They give you chips and 3 flavors of salsa. It can be tons of fun to mix them and great a unique blend. 

The other menu item we enjoy is the Chori Queso- a hot plate of melted cheese with chorizo mixed in. They line the skillet with tortillas so the cheese does not burn and it is a really big dish. I know it is probably a heart attack on a plate but it is well worth the risk.

I have had the tacos and the tortas too but the chicken is really the best choice! I have heard rumors of a big plate of mixed meat but have yet to try it. 

Wait till Saturday be brave and go try it!
Love the cabbage Leaf,


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