Thursday, July 13, 2017

Never doubt your"self"

Self Publishing Lessons-

1. Find a really nice person at the Printer to talk to - you will be calling them all the time.

2. Contracts contracts contracts- write it down!

3. Putting Skin in the Game, or paying- is PAINFUL, ok, a little over exaggerated but no risk no reward!

When I started to do the graphic novel first thing I did was write everything I expected and I would deliver down. I made sure that Cindy Tan knew I was serious and valued her talent. Also I took some thyme to find the right people for each job.

Then I crafted out all of my Characters- this was the fun part. I know who is coming and you don't!

I wrote their back stories likes dislikes and even favorite colors, everything needed to make a personality. These characters are very real to me, and understanding how they must be consistent yet changing and deciding how the events effect them is just the most fun.

Next Cindy drew them and like a true mind reader I loved them! She is freaking amazing to be honest I am the luckiest person she agreed to help me. 

When the first half was finished and the concept mapped out for the second half then I wrote the second half. This was much harder- and less fun as story telling it is really the baking part of the book( I hate baking). That means the rules and guides and info I wanted to share were much more concrete and much less well, fun.

Fun started to kick back in when all the pages came together- we laid out the entire book and WOW!

I returned to the printer and got 3 copies - fantastic to feel and see the entire years work come together, making the collector editions and concept art and all that fun stuff is just indescribable. After the shock wore off we were back to work changing proofing and more minor detail. Another lesson, embrace your inner perfectionist after all the work put in don't stop short of a few things here and there. 

Did I mention editing and more editing and even more editing---no... well next time I am hiring a proof reader and editor. Please apply below!

Hope you enjoy these sneak peeeks-

Love the cabbage


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