Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I was on Inside Edition!

I was asked to do an interview for Inside Edition on the topic of should kids do reality TV shows? The whole kids doing reality TV has really taken off with Master Chef JR being the first and now there are kid versions of a lot of reality shows.
Which is really good for talented kids who want to show off their passion. One of the questions that they asked me was if the stress was to much for a kid to handle? Reality TV is very stressful even for the adults on shows, the stress on kids is evident but is it too much I don't think it is. When I think about kids that play competitive sports it does not seem quite as drastic as the stress of TV.
One of the things that I did not think about when I auditioned for Master Chef JR is that I needed more than just talent I needed parents who would support me though out the show and the journey luckily I have supportive parents.
Should the parents decide if the kid should be on a reality show? I really just don't know about that question it is pretty tricky to answer because on one hand it is the child's decision
but on the other the parents have to do whats best for the child it just really hard to answer. The nest question was if it was fun to do the show the answer to that is very easy
yes it was a lot of fun and an amazing opportunity. Over all it was cool to be on Inside Edition.
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