Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm at a loss Lost pizza Co.

Lost Pizza Co.

Well, usually I don't blog about sub par pizza but.,Lost Pizza Co left a lot to be desired. My Dad went before me and had the cheese pasta and didn't like it, and I went to give them a second shot.
The interior is really neat. I mean a wall of doors how ironic and countless other things. I loved all the art and vintage stuff. It looked really cool.

But the pizza now that's another story, we ordered cheese, sausage, mushrooms, and pepperoni. We divided it into half sausage half pepperoni all mushroom.
Logan Guleff Memphis, TN pizza MasterChef Jr 2 USAThe crust tasted frozen and they put the pepperoni under the cheese which kinda steamed the pepperoni, the mushrooms were tasteless, the sausage tasted bad too. I know I am kinda snobish when it comes to pizza but really! I did not like it at all. My friend however thought it was ok and he would go back, but not me.

If you want to hang out someplace that looks cool go... but I warned you.

Love the cabbage Leaf,

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

I was skewered at Skewer.

So, I was watching The Mind of a Chef with David Chang on Netflix.
The show was about ramen noodles and the different styles of ramen soup, it was very fascinating. I wanted to try some ramen. I heard that there was a ramen place in town, so of course I had to go.
My Mama brought me to Skewer and it is a small little restaurant with a cool dome in the ceiling the style is slightly modernistic. 
Skewer had Skewers naturally and ,Rice Bowels, Ramen, Zushi, and plenty of wonderful appetizers.
I got The Yakibutan ramen, it had a clear broth flavored plentifully with seaweed, added in were some soft boiled eggs, roasted pork tenderloin, some mushrooms,  baby bok-choy, and a free salad with ginger dressing the salad was not in the soup.
My Mama got The Tonkotsu ramen it had a pork and vegetable broth with spicy layers of flavors. There was mushrooms, soft boiled eggs and so much more. 

I stole Mama's Tonkotsu ramen and ate a big chunk of it.
Logan Guleff Skewer Ramen Memphis TN MasterChef Jr 2 Junior
She decided to get another ramen so she ordered The Gokumiso ramen it had a very sesame flavored broth, some of the vegetables that were in it were, kernels of corn, bean sprouts which were delicious, spicy ground pork, and you guessed it soft boiled eggs.
Logan Guleff Skewer Ramen Memphis TN blogger MasterChef Junior USA 2
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I stole that one too (in the end Mama didn't get to much ramen, sorry).

If you have only had ramen from the package than go to Skewer.

Love the cabbage, Leaf

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Seconds for me at Second Line

Second Line by Chef Kelly English,

I have seen Chef Kelly English around; at Home Depot, the Easy Way, and all over town but never the less I have never eaten at Iris although attempts were made, and you know the outcome no Iris for me.
So when Chef Kelly English was opening a new restaurant where he could get "Down and dirty" I was overjoyed.

On Mothers day we went to dinner at Second Line.
The wait list was LONG but we some how made it in and got to enjoy dinner.
I was being intrigued by not only the po'boys, appetizers, side items, and the plates.  The menu is a bit odd but the flavors sounded like they would not disappoint.

I ended up having the shrimp appetizer which was named after the Grizzly's but has some profanity so just go there and get the shrimp appetizer with Tabasco aioli.
They were quite delicious cooked to perfection and could use some more aioli which was also delicious.The hint of tabasco gave them a nice kick but did not overpower the shrimp.
I shared the oyster po'boy with my Mama the po'boy was divine and the oysters were happily bunched together and it was exquisitely cooked. The sandwich was toasted and had fresh salad stuff it could have used some of that good Tabasco aioli otherwise very good.

Dad's sandwich was shredded beef with a swiss cheese, he said it was ok. He got the onion rings were a little soggy. Our Groceries included  red beans and rice which had sausage slices in it but was a little overcooked.  kick butt cold slaw had a very Asian flare and I loved it.
Logan Guleff Chef Kelly English  Memphis, Tennessee MasterChef Junior Season 2

P.S: The atmosphere felt like a live band was playing but there was not a band there it could be a good addition.
P.P.S sorry but I forgot about the unsweetened tea with simple syrup which was out of this world good! 

Love the cabbage leaf,
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

World Famous Fried Chicken- Gus's

Memphis is known for it BBQ but there is more to the city than just BBQ.

I was watching a food network show about the best fried chicken, they went all over the place and talked about the science behind the best fried chicken.
And guess where they landed for the best fried chicken drum roll please (all though its pretty obvious)
Memphis TN, to Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. They landed right here in Memphis for the best friend chicken.

Gus's World Famous fried chicken is tender, juicy, spicy, hot, crispy, delicious, spicy, tender, crunchy, moist, tender, fried, killer, hot, moist, crispy,divine, deliciously crunchy, straight from the fryer to your mouth.
It is soaked in buttermilk and fried to perfection.  It also depends on the location for a bit on some of the chicken-  downtown's is a little bit spicier but take a long time;East Memphis Gus's is a lot faster and a little less spicy but still great. The one way out in Collierville servers some catfish that supposed to be just as good as the chicken! I tried Southaven's but it was just not as good, they had not been open long and I have not been back.

Now for a little history on Gus's fried chicken, so it all started in one of the little towns out side of  Memphis and old Gus started to make fried chicken and sell it out his back door, and so it eventually turned in to  Gus's World Famous fried chicken and then Gus made a new location in downtown Memphis and the rest is history.

So take my advice when you come to Memphis for BBQ, save some room for the best fried chicken in the world. Gus's!

Logan Guleff Gus's Fried Chicken Memphis, TN MasterChef Junior Season 2
Love the Cabbage, Leaf
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Join The Republic

One of my favorite places for breakfast is Republic Coffee.
Its a great little artsy place on Walnut Grove, they server plenty of delicious items including their coffee and breakfast sandwiches.
It has a very artsy and unique vibe, a nice place to go to write a paper or something. There are big tables to play games. I like the Lord of the Rings Risk. 
The food is pretty good, my favorite is the De Niro I haven't had much else. I mean when you find something good on a menu it can be hard to resist.   
The De N
iro is great TWO slices of in house smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese on an everything bagel.
I tried to get the Calkins but they were out of the smoked salmon. The sandwich has in house smoked salmon chopped, cream cheese,onions and capers on an everything bagel. 
All of the coffee is fabulous. I got a latte with foamed milk. Yum! 
Logan Guleff Republic Coffee Memphis Tennessee MasterChef Junior 2Breakfast is my least favorite meal. I usually forget it and have an early lunch, but, if you have time to go to Republic Coffee. 

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

PS. They also have free books! What a treat.
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