Monday, July 28, 2014

Tazikis it is a chain....

Right next door to Petra cafe is another Greek style restaurant. I wondered if it would be as good as Petra's so in we went.

I liked the inside.  It was fresh, clean and nice. The pale green paint really felt peaceful. 

The family all ordered Gyros but I have to say Petra's is 100 times better. 

The bread was really the best part, soft, fresh, grilled and spiced. The meat was  not Gyro style but some other kind. I don't really know what they did to it! It was NOT GYRO MEAT!

The lettuce toppings were good but with the odd meat they could not save the sandwich. I did like the sauce but I could have had a bit more to cover up the meat.

I think it would be ok to go if you were in a hurry or just wanted to grab something quick, but to be honest there are just better Gyros out there.  I don't think our family will  go back. 

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Monday, July 21, 2014

At's A Pizza - on Union

The Memphis Flyer did a food review of a new Pizza place in the old Petra Cafe on Union. Since Pizza is a great food and fun to blog about I convinced my Dad to go. Since Dad likes Pizza it was easy.

The place is nice, a bit simple but it is just starting out so I did not expect a ton of personality yet. It is not a chain so there is no packaged decor just a good guy who wants to own a business and make pizza.

We ordered the toasted ravioli with meat sauce and they were ok. Not a hand made fresh product more of a frozen food fried. I still liked them and we ate them all. 

The pizza was good. Well, it was not great because I  ordered green olives and they were really generous so it was just too salty, that was my fault. The olives were nice. I don't think I will put fresh basil on a pizza again unless I make it! The sausage part had a bit of an odd taste not bad but not great either. The crust was handmade and it was perfectly baked. The sauce was not sweet and the cheese was well, cheesy. 

I think we will give it another go. It was not awesome gotta have it. But a man with a dream deserves a shot at my business and I really think it will get to be a great restaurant

Love the Cabbage leaf,

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge

My Mom works sometimes for a jewelry store, Robert Irwin Jewelers and one of the guys who works there just loves Brooklyn Bridge. He told my Mom it is the best NY style pizza in Memphis. 

Well, with all the pizza wars in our house we just had to try it! My Mom, the NYer, does love it. 

The place is an old time Italian restuarant with nice food, good service and alot of those extras that many restaurants are leaving behind, They give you bread with Olive oil and spices to start. There are table clothes and it is just kind of fancy even though the prices are not too high.

Monday is Pizza special night and that makes going a real treat. Anytime Pizza has a discount it is a good night.

We usually splurge and get toasted raviali and they are really tasty. I like the meat. Dad likes the cheese so it works out just fine. 

The Pizza has a medium crust and is just floppy enough to be NY style. The sauce is savory and the cheese is generously sprinkled and melty. It is good stuff. We can all agree on it and that is rare in the Pizza wars in our house.

I am always happy to go only problem it is far from home all they way out East!

Still if you are out there just try it. I bet you will like it too. 

Love the Cabbage Leaf

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tap & Tamp

There has been a ton of buzz about Tap and  Tamp and how good their coffee is. Since I really love coffee I wanted to go. Now you also know that my Dad is not a Foodie, he does not even know why people sun dry tomatoes! Much less why you would eat them.

The building is kind of woodsy. Lots of wood and orange paint. It looked nice and had a fun vibe. They had an awesome cool cold brew coffee system. I loved it!

However that was the only thing I loved. My salmon sandwich was pretty but the salmon was sliced too thick and it had no smokey taste at all. I love smoked salmon so it was pretty disappointing. The fish was just too slimy. I ended up eating my Mom's Italian style sandwich. It was fresh but I am not sure they put the olive spread on it like they were supposed to. It had the same orange creamy spread as my salmon.

Now Dad got a sandwich with a funny long name something ground beef, sausage and a cheese sauce on Brioche bread. It was supposed to have peepers and onions but it has SALAD instead. To be honest the cheese sauce had a raw flour taste and a pretty wonky texture. It was gross. Dad was NOT HAPPY!
He also got some beets with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. I liked those but not a foodie!

What really upset me was the way they treated us, like we did not belong in the restaurant and that kinda upset me cause I love new food places. Did I mention that they had an old Nintendo system and when I could not get it work the girl just ignored me.

I guess the place is catering to Hipsters and I must be too short to qualify, or maybe they sensed Dad's nonfoodie vibe, either way I won't go back.

PS. It was pretty expensive too- I mean we could have had a feast at Elwood's! And they are always very nice!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July + Memphis= Jerry's Sno Cones

Jerry's Sno-Cones, an awesome Memphis treasure, is tucked away down some random street off Summer Ave. 

This place is a dive, painted pink and green with a polar bear and a line around the block that looks permanent. WAIT! Don't be discouraged by that line, it goes fast.

I don't love sweets, I really don't even eat them, but add a hot Memphis day and icy sno-cone sounds wonderful.

I ordered a watermelon supreme - it was just ok. The ice cream (soft serve) is layered in the cup. The soft serve is good. You know normal sno-cones are all crystally, well, Jerry's are actual snow with an outstanding texture. The watermelon flavor was just ok. My Mom had wedding cake and OMG was it good. I had sno-cone envy. Same sno and same food coloring which was red and a bit shocking. The flavor was unique and unbelievable. 

Jerry's has managed to take a mundane food like a sno-cone and elevate it too extreme heights. I really thought it was impossible to take a sno-cone too.  

Now here is where I NEED you! There are no descriptions on some of those flavors, so YOU have to post me descriptions! I need to know what Ninja Turtle, Elvis, Napoleon Dynamite, toxic, and Spiderman are...come on people help a boy out!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Babalu a new view!

Overton Square is a trendy happening place. New, fun, exciting and pricey restaurants are popping up all over.
I just went to Babalu. It is a Mexican fusion place on the square. It looks kind of retro and feels open and fresh.
I got to try the guacamole - it is the house specialty and is made table side. I think that that is really awesome, just as cool as watching the hibachi steak guys, well, almost. They use fresh avocado, salt, lime juice, sun dried tomato paste, onions and salt and pepper. It can be as chunky or creamy as you like. For me chunky is better. I like a bit more pow in my guac but it was good.

The family shared some small plates. I picked the calamari. I asked for some of the wasabi mayo on the side. The squid was fresh and crispy. It was ok, good but not great.  I also tried the lamb taco. It was like a lamb gyro, the meat was pulled and the blue corn tortilla was the best part of the dish. It complimented the lamb in a surprising way. My Dad chose steak on a stick, it sounds like my Dad would love. Steak on a stick what could be manlier? The portion was small, and it had a sweet reduction on it and some potato hash on the side. Dad said he would not get it again.

Babalu is a cool place to go but I would go with friends and when you are not starving!

Love the cabbage, Leaf

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