Monday, October 28, 2013

Bombay Chaat Corner

Put on your traveling hat and embark on an adventure to the Indian Bazaar and the Bombay Corner  The little restaurant serves Indian Street Food. This is definitely an out of the box little dive. It is clean, yummy, and inexpensive. Just talking about it gives me a craving for the Samosas. It is making my mouth water just thinking about the golden pockets filled with spicy potato and peas. Please Help!!

I normally don't each much Indian food but yesterday was an exception  We ordered 3 small plates that had a ton of food. One was Samosa - 2 golden fried severed with a  spicy sweet sauce. Samosas with chick peas- also very good. I liked the plain better. There was a bowl of beans and yogurt sauce with these crunchy things in it. Please don't ask me what they were- I let my Mom eat most of it! It had a complex spicy flavor but the texture was too much for me.

I also had a glass of fresh Sugar Cane Juice. It was milky and sweet but not so sweet you could not drink it. I enjoyed it. It complimented the spicy food very nicely. I really wanted a bigger glass of it. It cut the heat of the food very well. I did get a small juice box of lychee juice too which was also quite nice. 

I would go back for the Samosas and the chick pea dish. I want to try the Dosa which looked very delicious.  So if you are feeling adventurous and want to try something out of the box. Try Bombay Corner. You can also do some exotic food shopping too. I got Gran Masala Lays Potato chips made in India- I mean who knew!

Love the cabbage Leaf,

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oh Chiwawa!

Overton Square is in the process of a major revamping. The new parking garage is open and the new theater is just starting. Great new restaurants are popping up all over the square. I decided to give Chiwawa a try.

It is located in the old pizza building and it looks really cool. It has a fantastic patio!

I tried the Sledge Dog a long corn dog. It was ok. I had a bite of the German dog it was on a pretzel bun. I really liked it. I had a bit of lunch envy. 

We also got the Jaun Tons which were bigger than I thought and filled with a sausage cheese filling. 

I almost forgot my fish taco, which was good too. It had a complex flavor but really needed more fish and less slaw. 

If it is a pretty day and you want to try something new- this is the place to go.

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Brushmark

Did you know there is a restaurant in the Brooks Museum?
There is- The Brushmark.

MasterChef Junior 2 Logan Guleff Memphis Tennessee  USA
I recently went there for a fancy lunch. Any time you can enjoy a meal in a museum you are in for a treat. The environment is so unique. I LOVE the Brooks. My favorite painting is the Bookshelf up on the third floor. I do get to go to the Brooks often, but this is my first meal there. 

So what was the food like?

It was fancy and elegant but still classical. I ordered the gazpacho and a Reuben.  I have to say I did not care for the gazpacho it was too cold and well, a bit strange. I have never had it before so I might not be the best judge.  I like the Reuben it has a great raisin mustard, and a bacon flavor that was pretty nice. 

My Mom had a delicious salad and the crepe of the day. Chicken and Ricotta with a Monterrey jack sauce. The crepe was light and perfectly prepared. The chicken was wonderfully seasoned and had a nice Mexican flair. We both thought it had too much ricotta. But it was still very good.

The cheese cake for dessert was pretty nice- not as good as my Mom's but, still was pretty tasty.

The view out the window into a very luscious green space was stunning. 

My only complaint was not price- this is a very affordable spot for lunch- but our waiter was a bit,
well, stiff. He did not seem comfortable with kids. 

That being said you probably aren't a kid, so get dressed up and head out to the Brooks. Feed your artsy side.

Logan Guleff at Brushmark MasterChef Jr 2 season 2 USA
Love the cabbage Leaf,

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aldo's Pizza its not "ALL DOUGH"

I was exploring downtown, following the Trolley line twisting and turning finally I made it to Main Street. I was hot, hungry, and a little sweaty. I stumbled on Aldo's Pizza. Being me I had to go inside and have some pizza. I saw a metro restaurant with a hint of hipster flair. They have a HUGE window showing where they make the dough. I had to watch- there was huge ball of dough. They were kneading and working it! How fun is that!
Logan Guleff at Aldo's Pizza MasterChef Junior Memphis Season 2

I sat down and ordered a big PIE. I think it was a T- Rex, and some garlic knots. The knots came first and they were pretty good, kinda chewy and they had a garlic oil which was nice. I like the marinara sauce but really I needed a bit more.

Then the pizza came- it was good! Hand tossed a bit of a butter oil crust and some nice quality cheese. The sauce was a touch sweet. I liked the toppings they, too were high quality and delish us.

I know they have sandwiches and I have seen them walk past me but I have not tried one.  They also have other specialty

 pizza the most intriguing is the vodka sauce one, it is pink so my Dad will never buy it! The special special slice every day can be a great treat for lunch.

The place is a bit noisy but the pizza makes up for it! I really enjoy pizza there. I get to go every so often- it is a nice change from Ferraro's.

If you are walking around on Main and thinking your hungry- Aldo's is a great place to stop!

Love the Cabbage, Leaf
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