Friday, June 29, 2012

The Great Spice Rack

Logan Guleff  Memphis Tennessee MasterChef Junior 2014 USAMaggie's Pharm in Midtown Memphis is the best place to find every spice imaginable. It is tucked away by Memphis Pizza Cafe and has been there forever.

They have a bunch of funny items like Titanic ice cubes, which I got for my Mom, lots of soaps, perfumes and oils. But the most exciting thing in the shop is the huge spice WALL. I think they have every spice imaginable.

I love the selection of Mexican seasonings like chipolte chili powder, and hot chili powders. I love cayenne pepper too. All the spices are organic and you can get small amounts for a little money so you can try lots of them. They put them into little zip lock bags.

My favorite though are the exotic salts. I love these and have a started a collection of my own. My favorite is the apple wood smoked salt. These salts add a ton of extra flavor not just saltiness. I have tried the black salt, pink salt, and dead sea salt.

My apple wood smoked salt
So take a peak at my video just bellow and then stop by Maggie's and Spice Up Your Day. Tell them I sent you!

Love the cabbage,