Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Harmony at Hog and Hominy

masterChef Jr USA 2 Logan Guleff memphis

Harmony at Hominy- when flavors and flair meet under one roof, you know you are gon
na have a great time! 
I did.
We got 3 different pizzas the Shroom, the Red Eye and a Kalamata olive.
I cant believe how tasty the shroom pizza was. It was my favorite. I mean this thing was loaded with mushrooms, creamy goodness, and arugula  I know on a pizza but the spicy taste was delish. These flavors blended perfect harmony. 
The Red Eye had a egg in the center. The deep rich red sauce was great. I liked the added celery but it was not my favorite. I am a Shroom Boy  all the way!
The Kalamata Olive had more savory taste. It was more traditional, but still nice. 

I tried the Poutine- a french fry and gravy dish from Canada. All the elements were good but I would not order it again. The deep flavor of the bone gravy was too strong for me. 
Logan Guleff at Hog and Hominy MasterChef Junior USA
The Caprese salad with the heirloom tomatoes and oil and cheese! Just bowl licking good! Please give me some more and just a bit of bread to get that last bit of juice. This simple dish was extraordinary!

Now the coolest part of it all - the kitchen... I love watching them prepare the food. I went up to the bar and watched. I heard they have a fancy tasting menu by reservation only. I cant wait to try THAT.

Junior MasterChef Logan Memphis, Tennessee Guleff Season 2

So Hog and Hominy is hip, hot and wonderfully over the top!

Love the Cabbage Leaf-


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't Nuke it...... Newk it.....

Repost from the past.

I tried Newks for lunch with my Grandma. We ordered lots of food a shrimp poor boy, a sandwich, and a pizza. 
The shrimp poor boy was one of the best I have had. The shrimp were so tender. I did not taste much seasoning but there were 12 of them. That's a lot!! See the shrimp- yum.

The Club Royal was very good. You could taste all the meats. Roast Beef, Turkey and Salami, if there were more I can't remember them. It had a huge roll of them. The mayonnaise was fabulous. It was very fresh and I devoured it.

The pizza was alright- but I would not go there for the pizza. I know it looks great but the crust was just not my favorite. I did however manage to eat more than half of it.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and very, very ,very clean.
It was pricey. 
Newks is a chain and I went to the one on Poplar by Estate, I think.

Love the Cabbage,

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Newk's Express CafeNewk's Express Cafe

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love The Reuben!

You don't have to go to Europe to get the best Euro Gourmet delights. Over the summer I was hunting for some breakfast sausage from my friend Fergus Nolan and he recommend Euro Gourmet all the way out east. I had to convince my Mom to drive way out there. We finally found the store and we were amazed at the great exotic foods they sell.

They had pickles, candies and weird things in jars. There was gourmet butter with Russian labels and an enormous variety of meats. I mean really, a ton of cool looking meat. I wanted to try it all! The Russian meat jerky, handmade polish sausage, bologna, Kielbasa, and of course Nolan and Sons bacon, blood pudding, and sausage!

Just look at these photos! It is a foodie Paradise!
To top it off they now serve lunch! Of course I had to try it. We looked at the menu and I saw a Reuben. I always love a good Reuben. He told us the bread was imported from NY and fresh. I had to try it! A few minutes later we had a good looking Ruben. The meat was tender, not stringy or fatty. Good corned beef is a must for a great Reuben. Add in the nice quality cheese and the spicy mustard on toasted fresh rye and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Not to mention his special homemade sauce. I skipped the kraut. I was still just a bit scared of the Kraut, but I got over my fear at a pickling class I took this summer (more on that later). He gave us a great pickle with the sandwich and a side of slaw that was really good too.

I talked my Mom into some fancy Chocolates for dessert and the best one was Vodka filled- Should I say that.... it was the best... in my Mom's defense it was in Russian or something.

You might have seen this store on the news lately. MLGW turned off their power by mistake which ruined their meat and cost them a lot of money. I want you to go support the Euro Gourmet Market and have a Reuben! The Foodie community would not be the same without them!

Love the Cabbage,


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I am Back!

Sorry I have been a bad Blogger-

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