Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wagyu of the Sea

Ōra king

If your sifting through culinary terms your bound to come across wagyu beef the best tasting beef in the world. Now, for the seafood fans, is there a similar standard to the incredible lusciousness of waygu in the ocean? Crab is my personally favorite but it lacks that signature melt in your mouth experience, in the search for the wagyu of the sea I have finally found it.

Ōra King Salmon is the most incredible salmon I have ever had. This salmon has that X factor that is only matched by wagyu beef, it is just the most delicious, most tender, most flavorful salmon out there. The company uses sustainable fish farming methods to grow king salmon which only accounts for 5% of all salmon enjoyed, also the fish are grown in New Zealand in the clearest water in the world.

As a chef using a fish with such incredible flavor means that you really have to use the right flavor profiles that won't get over powered by the salmon and also won't conflict with the flavor. When utilizing a fish that has a high fat content takes more skill than your average fish, mimicking how you would treat wagyu. 

Ōra king sent me a whole salmon so... I had to break down the whole fish, its always more fun to fillet a fish you aren't so locked into making something boring like a simple portion you get to make portions that best suit the dish its a big deal to design a dish and have the perfect piece of fish for it.

When it comes to creating exquisite dishes it takes some thyme, so having 15lb of the best salmon in the world is a lot, well a lot is an understatement. I thought of doing a salmon dinner but I am going to spend some thyme imagining the most incredible menu for the wagyu of the sea. Unfortunately that means I have to freeze some, I know its bad but what am I going to do with 15lbs of salmon. It's a perfect Chef dilemma.

Love the Cabbage,

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