Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a MAZE ing by Chef Ramsay

One of the big highlights of my trip to NY was my fancy dinner at Maze by Gordon Ramsay

It started with a warm salad of confit duck leg roasted pear, foie gras butter, blue cheese, bitter green. It was aMAZEing, so tender , with tons of flavor. I loved it, so much that my Mom had to order another just to get a bite. The pears were slightly warm and the nuts were roasted and toasted to give them extra flavor. I tried the Roasted Spanish Mackerel with grilled romaine lettuce, tomato marmalade, parmesan, and basil. I thought it sounded, well, too fishy but the taste was so aMAZEing. The fish was flaky and tender with a crisp skin, the other flavors set it off perfectly.

For entries I tried three- the Spiced carnaroli risotto of amarillo pepper, parmesan, chorizo, little neck clams, caramelized pears. The roast breast of long island duck braised red cabbage gaufrette potato, fig and red wine jus, and a seared flat iron steak with crispy polenta and broccoli rhab ( can you tell it is not on the menu they gave me to take home)

Anyone seeing a Chef Ramsey show knows he always serves a risotto, I had never tried one before but it was aMAZEing. Very creamy and buttery, with the chewy clam fresh from the sea and the bite sized bit of spicy sausage. I did not need the pear but I did not hate it either. The duck was so tender and delicious you would have loved it! The fig sauce gave it an aMAZEing balance of sweetness. I did not try the veggies but they looked good! The flat iron steak was seasoned and cooked to perfection. It has a fresh green sauce that was so very flavorful. I loved the crispy polenta, not like my Mom's at all. I just wanted to eat it all. The broccoli rehab looked good but there was just too many other goodies to waste my room on broccoli.

I shared three desserts - Valrhona chocolate fondants,green cardamom caramel sea salt and almond ice cream. a sort of gooey chocolate thing in a cup. It was very yummy. the ice cream was so good to me but others thought it was too salty. There was this fantastic carrot cake with a caramel, nut ice cream. The best carrot cake I have ever tasted, aMAZEing. The chocolate pudding and white chocolate whip stuff (again not on the menu they gave me) was so light and fluffy. It was to die for good. I am not sure how they got it to stand up in that rectangle but it looked great. Did I mention the salt covered bread and the dark chocolate filled with sea salt caramel truffles on the table???? Yum!

After dinner Ms. Defazio gave me a behind the scene tour of the kitchen and restaurant . Now that was so aMAZEing. The kitchen was huge and incredibly clean! I met Chef Dave who made the duck confit for the menu. He talked to me like a real chef and not a kid! I now know they do all the room service and banquets for the Hotel London, as well as the restaurants. I saw a huge wall of wine bottles at least 20 ft long. I peaked into the fine dinning restaurant London.

There is a big table in the kitchen that is called the Chef table it costs 1900 bucks to eat there with your friends, but I bet it is worth it! I hope one day I can do that!!!!!! I think you get 9 courses and wines, the best part would be watching the Chefs cook. aMAZEing.

I can't tell you how much I loved it! Thank you Maze for the great dinner and making me feel so special with the kitchen tour!

I wonder how far room service delivers??!!!

Love the cabbage,
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Maze by Gordon Ramsey