Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Smoking Gun, a who done it?

The Smoking Gun is made by Polyscience.

Well, let's start with Polyscience ( They are one of the best modernist food tool providers around. They are true innovators, and they help us cook interesting "out of the box" type of food.

One of Polyscience's many tools is the Smoking Gun.
There are many reasons why I use it is, but the biggest is because I'm from Memphis - home of the slow smoked BBQ. Smokey food rules the city and it is a huge part of our local food culture. 

The Smoking Gun ( shoots smoke out a tube and you put the tube in a bag with whatever you want to smoke, and leave it in there for a few minutes. It is that easy, and the solid smokey taste is real. It has no artificial tones of fake smoke. 

Logan Guleff Memphis Master Chef

They offer several kinds of woods. Hickory is the strongest and boldest flavor, It will make you go WOW. While Cherry and Apple are more subtle and sweeter.

If you use your smoking gun a lot, the smoke may start to taste bitter- either get some new tube or soak your tube in bleach and water. 

Smoking Gun PolySci Logan MasterChefJunior

Now, I have experimented quite a bit with the smoking gun and I have over 40 recipes so this is not just a one shot gun!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,


Monday, February 2, 2015

Karl Strauss

Now Karl Strauss is also at the City Walk in LA it is upstairs and a bit hidden. The menu looked pretty good to me so we tried it.

The inside is pretty relaxing a bit woodsy and they have a bunch of beer which of course, I cant try.
I ordered a burger topped with fried egg. I can get those at Patrick's at home so I know I like them. I pulled off the pork belly which was sliced too thick and MAN, OH MAN was it good. That egg was the best egg I may have had. In fact it was so good I got and extra one! My Mom got a burger too and she loved it. I mean we were hungry and it was fresh and tasty. We sat in a quiet spot and watched the people walking around below.

We also ordered the pretzel appetizer and they were good. The sauces tasted nice and it was really nicely plated. That can be hard to do to a pretzel.

I would go back anytime. In fact, I want to say thanks for the 2 great meals and the delish eggs.

Love the Cabbage Leaf

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