Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soup For You, Soup for You, No Soup for You....

It is getting chilly out so go down to Pho Saigon to warm up with soup and a sandwich. I think the soup is good You get a lot of control because they bring you a plate with veggies and Jalapenos. You get to add as much stuff as you want. I like to add bean sprouts, lemon, basil, and 2 jalapenos. There are so many noddles I scoop them up with a single chop stick and get a big bite.

I have tried the new sandwich, I like it. It has lots of weird stuff in it. Pickled carrots, cucmber,pate, butter, and tons of strange pork stuff. It really tastes good, so don't look too close.

The avocado milk shake is good, green, creamy and weirdly yummy. The coffee is fun, of course you brew it at your table into sweet condensed milk. It is strong and sweet, a real treat. The thick texture sometimes is better over ice.

Overall the place is great.
Love the Cabbage,

Pho Saigon

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