Monday, April 24, 2017

Life on the Edge

Stuart Edge.

About a year ago I made a video with a magician named Stuart Edge, now you might ask exactly why a magician and a kid chef teamed up to make a video together and it's simple food is Magic. The video that we made was an instant Fathers day steak dinner, I did the "Steak Dinner" part and Stuart covered the "Instant" part we both thought the other had the harder part. Ultimately the video was a huge hit and was incredibly fun to produce.


Now, let's come back from the past and into the now, Stuart and I have stayed good friends since and when he got an idea for another video he called me up. The next video, I am not going to give very many spoilers away, but, it is going to take place at a homeless shelter. It will Air on Random Acts soon. 
While I was out in Utah, we plotted and planned about how to have some more fun because we were both kinda bored. I also went skiing for the first time, it was a lot of fun. I found out my ice skating skills translate just fine to skiing. Maybe I have a future as ski instructor chef. 

So from past, to present, to the future, we decided we really like making videos together and we are thinking of making a new series of videos along the lines of "Will it Cook". This should include elevating some of your favorite fast foods to chef quality meals. What do you think?? Will it cook?  Give my Youtube a subscribe and you'll be the first to see these new videos!

Love the beef

Also be sure to check out Stuart Edge's  Youtube channel and the fathers day video.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


India The final stop on my tour of India was Kolkata, like everywhere in India this city was just as historic and colorful.
For me this is when being in India really set in, seeing the world you see in movies and books was more than incredible. Everything you think you know about India comes from Kolkata, the British architecture, infinite markets, the Ganges river, the really old indestructible cars, narrow alley ways filled with street food vendors, and so much more, well, so much more is such an understatement. We will get back to sight seeing later.The Olympiad is turning up the heat. Kolkata was the last leg of the journey and after one last semifinal round the top ten were announced. If you have ever competed then you know the stress and tension right before they announce the finalists, a reliving moment for some and an anguishing one for most.

 The final challenge was to make 16 tapas and 4 main courses in 90 minutes.
One of the interesting things about judging an international culinary competition is the allowed ingredients, where they came from and how they balance the familiarity that different countries would have with them.

 When judging flavor the only thing that counts is whats on the plate not what happened to get the food on the plate, but with technical judging you can get an idea of how tasty a dish could be from the technique.  
Back the sight seeing there was one more thing I had to do before the closing ceremony and the 30 hour plane ride home, I had to stop at the spice market and a long list of spices one third of which I can't pronounce. I got so many spices it seemed I got a spice shop and some more lasting souvenirs. Mama bought and wore a beautiful saree. 
But, ultimately the best souvenir was the memories and plus when I read the history book and it comes to India I have experienced some of what the book talks about.
It's kind of sad to wrap up such an incredible journey and not relive it while writing the blogs and looking through the photos, and its also hard to move on from being a rock star with touring, preforming, fans, airports, and a surreal experience for just a kid from Tennessee.

Thank you, Dr & Mam Bose, Mr. Hoon, Mam Sudyshna, Mr Sweet Naveen, My girl Mansi, Chef Bhurat, Priyam and the IIHM students, and Young Chefs! 

Trick shot
Love the cabbage, Leaf
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Ps.  I forgot one more detail I was on a billboard in Delhi which is extremely fun and another thing crossed off the bucket list. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hallo Willkommen auf meinem Blog

Behind the Scenes- The making of a segment...

A while back and I mean a while, i got this email saying hey would you want to do an episode of Galileo Tv.  I said yes, of course, sounds fun!

After about 400 emails well really 500- the shoot was set and my Mom had planned out all the aspects of the segments to shoot here in Memphis. It might seem easy but with everything there are phone calls and asking and email and more emails...

When the Crew arrived they brought me some goodies from Germany and then seriously we got down to work.
They are the top of the game and true professionals. As always it was loads of fun but some serious work and retakes. Understanding how much thought and planning goes into a segment can really blow your mind.
I shared my City with them and sent them to Graceland with Mom, gave them the best BBQ in Memphis at Central and we filmed.

For the first time I created a new spice blend live. It came out perfect to my vision and it was just so much fun to share the creative process with the Crew. For me the evolution of a spice blend has always been done while the cameras were not rolling so to be able to share how I make one was awesome.

I always get nervous for about 10 minutes after I film and worry about the EDIT. I had nothing to worry about, when you work with pros it makes every aspect of a video go from good to the best.

This piece is first class, perfect and I loved it even if I can't speak German!

Here is a big shout out of Thanks to the Galileo Team for making me look great!

Thanks for joining my journey
Love the Cabbage Leaf


P.S- here is the link so you can watch the segment.
"Youngest Chef In The World" by Galileo
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