Thursday, March 21, 2013

Come SALSA with Me!

Dance your way towards downtown and give this new spot a chance to delight you.
It is so grey outside I decided to try this new Venezuelan restaurant Arepa and Salsa.
What a great splash of color and an interesting new taste to discover right on Madison Ave.

The party vibe prepared me for a treat and they did not disappoint me
First they have really cool glasses and super nice plates. I am interested in plating now so I was really impressed. They have this lively music playing and bright color walls. It is really nice. I loved it.

I tried the UFO empinads which I did not personally like but the topas cups were so yummy I wanted more. The spicy plantain cup- (a type of banana) filled with a spicy meat, diced tomatoes and a cilantro mayo they were just so good.

I tried 2 sandwiches one plantain and one Arpes.

I preferred the Arepa with the roast pork. It was a big cornmeal disc filled with yummy shredded pork and garnished with a garlic mayo. It came with thin homemade chips also nice. The plate looked great and we dived in!
The plantain sandwich was good, it had a beef filling. It had a mustard coleslaw on it. I personally don't love mustard. So the Arpes was just better.

The Flan with cake was our dessert choice. It had a complex taste and was very good. Very velvety. The plate was so lovely too you could just tell it was a treat.

All the details are just perfect and very impressive. Since I originally wrote this I have been back and tried more items. I loved the Mango juice and the big plate of food was nice but the Arpes sandwich is still the best!

OH, Now for the best part.... they have a video game machine with FREE games!!! Who doesn't love Asteroids!!!
Go try it!!!

Love the Cabbage,
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