Thursday, January 19, 2017

The long wait is Over


The long wait is finally over, Memphis has an IKEA! No more going to Atlanta for all those cute and well planed kitchens. 
Ikea is huge. Well, it's bigger than huge, it's massive and filled with everything you need to live(excluding a cat tree) including a Swedish market and mini restaurant. All this inside a furniture store, crazy. I think I could survive the apocalypse in there. 
It is really hard not to give the Swedish food a try, there are two restaurants one in the front and one hidden inside. I ate in the hidden one. I had the legendary meatballs, a cup of chicken soup and shared a salad plus the special juices. Mom got the marzipan dessert. The meatballs were tasty and just really classic. The sides were mashed potatoes, lingon berry jelly, roasted vegetables and gravy overall it was a nicely composed simple, classic dish with nothing to dislike. In retrospect I should have gotten the extra side of meat balls. I could have eaten another scoop and managed to eat some of Mom's. I was surprised how juicy the meatballs were cause they looked rather dry.

The soup was ok and the salad was fresh. It was just a salad. Mom had marzipan dessert and said it was good.  

I really really want Ikea to redesigned my kitchen and help tame the chaos with all that organization and innovation. I mean it they have the coolest kitchen stuff. I loved the non electric mixer, and those pull out drawers. Some teens have slept overnight inside of Ikea all though that is not approved it still sounds like fun.  When you live in 100 year old house the kitchen is a dinosaur compared to the IKEA design.

Shoot me an email with your favorite IKEA item so I can go pick one up too!

Love the Cabbage Leaf

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