Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hug From The First Lady PRICELESS! 

Logan Guleff memphis Tennessee White House Visit MasterChef JuniorWe flew into Reagan Airport in DC and took the Metro to our hotel. In the lobby we found all the other contestants and we got a room. It was an exercise room with a stationary bike and a weight ball. How cool is that! It was a great room.  I love hotels they are the best.
We could see the pool out the window. 

We went to the Smithsonian Muesum and we saw Julia Child's Kitchen. The curator gave us lots of secret behind the scenes information. I liked how she wanted her stuff in the same place and she had pictures so that people would put stuff back in the right place. We had time to poke around the muesum and it was really cool.

Next up was a great healthy pizza party. All the kids were there and we had fun. Sam drew a finger mustache for me, I wish I had a picture of it! We did a big cook book signing. I felt like a star! I am in a cook book! It looked like a great party. Thanks Epicurious for the amazing pizza party. 

I know what you are hungry for - 

The hug-
Love the Cabbage,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuna Quinoa Salad $4.00..........


Well, You all know that I love to cook, and I have tried a contest or two, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I entered The Epicurious First Kids' State Dinner contest and that I won for Great State of Tennessee. 

I found out about this contest while Mamma was looking for nutritional facts for the Cub Scouts. I really was not sure I wanted to enter it, but after some convincing I decided it could be fun. The prize was extravagant. 

Logan Guleff Memphis, Tennessee Master Chef Junior USAFirst, I wanted to make one of my favorites a Grits Bowl,
 I will give you a recipe for that one day soon. I did learn that grits are not a whole grain, they did not met the My Plate Standards. I saw Quinoa on the list and got curious, epically curious. 

I learned to cook it like rice, it is not hard. I tried lots of different ingredients before I realized that just plain Tuna was the tastiest. I added my favorite veggies and one I don't like onions. I had a great salad but no ideas on how to plate it! We tried a lettuce wrap, or carrot chips and the salad as dip but they seemed boring. My Auntie came and she thought to stuff a pepper acept what kid wants to bit through a whole pepper! Mamma and I sliced them in half and they looked like boats so my Tuna Schooners where discovered. They sailed me all the way to the White House. 

My recipe is in a cookbook available for free from the USgov web sight, along with the other great healthy winners.

More on the great trip and the White House tomorrow-
I promise

Love the Cabbage