Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No Soup For You 2.0

Vietnam Restaurant.

Vietnam Restaurant has a very straight forward name,
a Restaurant serving Vietnamese food.
It is located on the very creepy street, Cleveland a little way away from the old Sears Cross Town Center, in Memphis TN.
Now I usually don't try new pho places because I like Pho Siagon, but Vietnam Restaurant was on Jenifer Biggs list of  places to eat before you die, in Memphis
The restaurant had an indoor water fall, several fish tanks,
and some plants.
On the table were the normal sauces and utensils.
I ordered the seafood Pho and it was un"PHO"getable,  
it was very good a nice and light broth very tasty with, fish cake, squid, crab meat, and shrimp.
I got it with no shrimp, all of the seafood was very good.

Mama ordered the combo Vietnamese sandwich, all Vietnamese sandwiches are usually really good.
This Vietnamese sandwich was incredible it was spicy, the weird pork stuff was very tasty and tender, the carrots and cilantro were very fresh and yummy.
The sandwich was so good that we shared another.
I also got a bubble tea, I love bubble tea with the tapioca pearls. I had a green tea flavored one and it had so many bubbles that only the photo will tell you!

So if your hungry and brave and there is some daylight
than got to the Vietnam Restaurant for some delicous and un"PHO"getable Pho.

Love the puns

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