Thursday, December 8, 2016

Food Fanatics Orientation for a Jr Chef

The food fanatics are a fanatical group of Chefs that are supported by US Foods. 

US Foods supplies restaurants with food, silver ware, cups, cook tops, prep-stations, and basically everything else a restaurant would need to operate.

There are only 31 food fanatics and they know how to rock and roll! 
Chef Jeff invited me to go to the Us Foods convention in Roanoke Virginia and do a demo. 

This might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but if you want to be a Chef it is amazing. At the conference there were lots of cool products, I saw a lot of plates that I liked and there was a whole line of  sustainable bamboo paper plates. They had the US Food lines as well as some cool local products and even some specialty foods like New York bread.

They had meat, seafood, deli products, bread, appetizers, and most importantly the new products US Foods is offering. They had bone marrow, stout onion rings, and beer cheese with pretzels and a lot of other higher end food items.

It was very interesting to see where food trends are heading in Virginia, like the new grass fed beef rib eye and beef burgers it is nice to know that food is going to a more sustainable and tastier way. 

I met a lot of really cool chefs and got invited to be an honorary food fanatic!

That is me a Food Fanatic!

I know, I have been ignoring my blog and my writing is a bit rusty, ok a little more than just rusty!


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