Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Pancakes at Staks

Flipping out for your own pancakes?
Try Staks on Poplar.
The new breakfast joint has it going on, a carafe of pancake batter and a do it yourself table top griddle.

I really had a lot of fun making my pancakes and adding in extras. I have to say it was pricey for breakfast but it was fun.

My Grandma ordered some pancakes from the kitchen and she really liked them.
The local banana was good and all the ingredients were fresh just the amounts were small.

I think they should move the coffee from the front to maybe the back or some where and hire a barista - it was off putting to have the girl taking my money making my coffee and when my cup was cracked and dirty she just dumped the coffee into another cup! I did not want to drink it.

The interior was cute and fresh- it felt very fun.
The layout was a bit confusing with the door right next to the cash register.

Overall I had a good time but with our breakfast for three at $40 I am not sure when we will go back.

Love the cabbage Leaf
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