Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Huey's a Memphis tradition.

                             If you live in Memphis you have probably gone to Huey's, it's a Memphis tradition.
MasterChef Jr  2 Logan Guleff at Huey's Memphis, Tennessee   BlogIf you want a nice time, go to Huey's.
If you want an average meal, go to Huey's. 
If you want trivia, go to Huey's.
If you want live music, go to Huey's.
If you want a family friendly place, go to Huey's

So as you can tell the place is all in the vibe, but its a nice place to go and hang out.

It's all in the atmosphere and having a good time.

I like their pickles and the kids meals come with free ice cream, you just can't beat that!
I usually get the cheese burger, but I really just want pickles. I like them.
My Dad gets the Senor Huey burger, I never tried it so I cant say if it is good. My Dad really does like it.
My Mom gets the cheese burger just like me.

The food is not too special. However the Burgers usually win the Best Burger of Memphis. I think it is because we just all like to go there.
To wrap it up the food is so so, but the vibe is cool.

(I love the PICKLES!)

Love the cabbage leaf,
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Boscos of Overton Square

A recent craving brought me to Boscos, this microbrewery is in Overton square.
The square is in a new revitalization but this old microbrewery has not changed much over the years, it's still going strong as a tradition in the square and midtown.

Our table ordered two pizza's: we ordered the Chesapeake, the Palermo.
I chose the Chesapeake, it had shrimp, fresh shell fish, and bay scallops, with a pesto sauce and white cheddar cheese. It had a alot of flavor. The Chesapeake pizza is like the sea under a microscope.I am not sure I would have made it the same way but it was good.
The Palermo it had pepperoni, sausage, and  portabella mushrooms.

I didn't have a slice of it, unfortunately. My Dad liked it and ate it all.
They gave us some fresh focaccia bread served with an olive oil and herb dip.

I liked my dinner- I think it might be a better spot if you could try the beer but I can't do that yet. The brewery equipment looked really cool though.

Love the cabbage, Leaf 
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Boscos SquaredBoscos Squared

A Shack that could be any 4 Star- Elwood's Shack

Logan Guleff at Elwood's Shack Memphis Tennessee Blogger MasterChef Junior 2 USA
Ok, I was a bit skeptical...

My recent culinary adventurer brought me to Elwood's Shack,this little shack is bursting with flavor.

It's in the Lowes parking lot on Perkins,and like its name says its a shack... fun!

Logan Guleff Spice at Elwood's Shack Memphis Tennessee MasterChef JR 2 USA Blogger

I ordered the fish tacos. They were 2 HUGE fish tacos, I mean huge. they were made with a 10 inch long flash fried flour tortilla. My mom got a brisket wrap sandwich but she had lunch envy. The fish was steel head trout, it had nice a texture. It also gave the taco a fresh taste. They had it seasoned and topped with fresh avocado and salad stuff. There was a real nice chewy cheese in there. I am not sure what kind.
Overall a great fish taco. My Mom thinks the best she has had.

The brisket wrap sandwich was a great. It was HUGE. There were some peppers and onions in it and a nice cheese.
The owner was a nice guy he talked to me about how he's from Texas and his brisket is marinade in Guinness stout and makes an interesting tex-memphis combo. Really, it is quite interesting.
  We swapped some cooking stories and he kindly gave me a sample of his spice rub to try at home. He sells it too. I hope to go back soon and bring them a sample of my rub.
So if you are HUNGRY and really want to fill up check out the Shack- Elwood's Shack. It is the place to be.
Go on Foodies, you know you want to!
Logan Guleff Spice at Elwood's Shack Memphis Tennessee MasterChef

Love the cabbage leaf,
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PS. I HAD to go back to Elwood's- I am planning to eat my way through the menu! I tried the meatball sub and the roast beef sandwich. Good, but not Fish Taco good!


Elwood's Shack