Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CookBooks or Story Books or Books...

CookBooks and other Odities...

The photo that got the ball rolling
When you are dreaming of being a chef you can't help but dream of making a cookbook. The problem for me is I don't use them. I know your thinking WHAT!

But it is true.

I have only opened 3-4 in my entire life. One was to see Gordon Ramsay's Autograph, one was to get a cake recipe Betty Crocker, standard Martha Stewart's Cookie book ( I don't like to bake) and one was a gift and I kinda wanted to look at the pictures.

So writing a cookbook seemed totally foreign to me- I mean honestly, do you follow recipes?

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My first idea was to write a book to teach you how to think like I do- with lots of photos and space for my readers to explore. I mean a big ole book. Problem with that is wow. it a lot of work and a lot of money to produce and you would have to re-imagine cooking to see it how I do.

I started brainstorming with my Mom and we thought about what I love, who I am, and a bunch of other stuff.  This crazy girl on Instagram drew me on the show in this wild manga style now I mean wicked cool. It stuck with Mom- said write a Graphic Novel.

I read Graphics, love them for the fun way they tell a story in a newer style. They help me get through some classics like Shakespeare and I love Manga art. You might not know this but Japan is my goal city and Manga is like a gateway to the cool world of perfect food and cute things, lots of cute things.

I started by messaging this crazy girl- crazy talented and well,l say crazy cause she said yes! She said she would draw my story. I had to make some sacrifices. I was writing a different series of stories about another character and I really, really did not want to write about a fictional me. It is rather weird to write about yourself as a character and exactly how it all fit together. But I did it.

Today my first Novel a Graphic Novel Adventure Cookbook is going to press. The crazy talented girl Cindy Tan is my Illustrator, Micah Phil is my colorist and letterer, my Aunt did the proof reading, It is a huge group effort. My Gran helped with the title, Cooking Dreams.

I like it- what would Cooked Dreams taste like? Success? I am still thinking about that!
Here are some cool photos of the entire process and trust me it was a long one.

Love the Cabbage,

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