Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Pig and Pint

On a recent trip south I asked Siri for the best restaurant near me and she recommended the Pig and Pint, in Jackson Mississippi.
The premise of the place is a new spin on BBQ and beer. Now I'm too young to drink so ask Mom about the beer. I ordered the bacon melt, the pork belly corndog, and the fried green tomatoes.
The sandwich was really good, it had some slightly acidic collard greens in it that helped balance out the richness of the brisket and pork belly. It was also served with comeback dressing. It was a sophisticated melt and the comeback dressing made me want to "comeback".

Now, on to the pork belly corndogs, for corndogs they were alright.  The rich sweet batter and the pork belly had a good contrast.  I think the pork belly could have been rendered just a bit more. The star of the dish was the dipping sauce. It was a smoked tomato ginger jam that was truly incredible. 

The fried green tomatoes followed the same path as the corndogs. Solid but awesome once you dip them in the tangy sauce. The corn coating was light and crips, all in all a solid fried green tomato.

The Pig and Pint made a really good lunch. I loved how they are trying new things with classic old flavors and the rows upon rows of trophies for bbq garuntee a good lunch. I wouldn't get those corn dogs again but there are other things calling my name.
 I hope to head south again soon and I know I will stop back. 

Thanks, Siri!

Love the cabbage,

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