Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sunrise Memphis

A new breakfast restaurant called Sun Rise opened in the old Neely's BBQ building on Jefferson. The chef in charge is none other than Ryan Trim, chef and co-owner at Sweetgrass. His menu is a bit interesting, it has a lot of unexpected dishes. For those unadventurous souls the breakfast classics are on the menu.  The art and ambiance is down home and rustic.
I ordered the rice bowl, Mom ordered the biscuit bacon and egg sandwich, and Dad ordered the Italian roast beef sandwich. Having a rice bowl for breakfast was quite the experience. It contained pork slices that were really good, they had a nice teriyaki glaze that was well balanced between spice-soy-sweet. It was a stellar glaze. 

The rest of the components were nice nothing too special. Just rice, kimchi, egg, chopped scallion, and carrots.

Dad's sandwich was good, they used strange bread it was a bit dense, but it held up to the au jus quite well.
  The flavors were ok, it could have used more herbs or spices on the meat. Mom's biscuit was also a bit dense, and the bacon was well bacon hard to say anything bad about it.
Sunrise is open from 5am to 3pm everyday. 

Breakfast is one of those meals that is a real treat at a restaurant, just like appetizers or dessert.

Love the cabbage,

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