Thursday, October 2, 2014

Masterchef Junior here I come!

I have a secret, I love Chef Gordon Ramsay and all of his TV shows. Last year when I saw Masterchef Junior on Fox I said to myself "well, I can do that"  They had a commercial for the auditions and I said to Dad, Can we go? Now, my Dad loves reality tv almost as much as hamburgers so he said yes.
Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Season 2 Memphis in Dallas Casting
MasterChef Junior 2 Auditions - Dallas

I filled out all the paperwork and we got accepted to go to Dallas and audition. I am gonna say this again my
Dad LOVES reality TV so he drove me all the way to Dallas to try out! 

Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Season 2 Memphis in Dallas AuditionsI cant say too much about the casting process it is all top secret. I can tell you it was a lot of fun and I loved it!

It took some time then I heard the news. I MADE it!!!!

Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Season 2 Memphis in Dallas Texas
So,that means basically, I get to be on the show, meet Gordon Ramsay and try my best. I do hope that Chef Ramsay does what he does best and yells at me just a bit! 

I cant tell you how great it will be to meet Chef Elliot and Joe. I have Chef Elliot's autograph and he wrote me a real letter. 


So tune in and watch me on Master Chef Junior.

PS. The other best part of the road trip was getting to see my cousin Michael! I love him and we had a great time eating pizza together in TX.

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