Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Episode 6 MasterChef Junior The Attack of The Salmon - Logan

Behind the scenes - 

Logan MasterChef Junior Salmon Memphis Cook Recipe Celebrity Chef

This is when we are all getting tired. Paramount seems like home now and here are some insider tips - They have a huge blue sky wall where Titanic the movie was, Not, I repeat, Not, filmed there. 

"The Coffee Bean" and "Water Tower" have amazing food suvies and coffee. Paramount is considered one of the most haunted places in LA and it is by a cemetery. One ghost is said to be of a young girl.... stage 19 and 5 are the most haunted....



Oh my gosh! Now, I have cut up fish before, but never ever a fish as big and expensive as a SALMON (honestly I only weight 75 lbs). I mean really!!!! That is a huge fish.

Logan MasterChef Junior Salmon Memphis Cook Recipe Celebrity Chef

I picked the one with the freshest looking eye and hauled it back to my station. I tried my best to slice deep and fillet it like I have practiced at home. I really tried my best. This was a bad day--- wasting food in my house is a BIG deal- a HUGE deal... I feel crushed! Mortified!  Very disappointed in myself.

When Adaiah gives me only 5 ingredients it is tough. I think of all the things I could  have made - Salmon with caviar sour cream sauce, Ravioli, Salmon with quail eggs - I really wanted a shot! I decided to try comfiting my Salmon. It is a huge risk! I would normally have added other spices, made something more....

Logan MasterChef Junior Salmon Memphis Cook Recipe

I start the poaching, make a dill lemon salt, puree some broccoli rabe, ruin some potatoes and redo them... IT is all a risk! Will my first ever Comfit Salmon taste good?? Go big or Go home!

When Adaiah and Abby are sent home -  my heart is pounding a mile a minute! I can't figure out just what has happened! I see Abby crying and my heart is hurting - but her Dad is just the BEST and he gets her a fancy cake and she is ok! It was tough.

Abby MasterChef Junior Eliminated 2014 USAAdaiah MasterChef Junior Eliminated 2014 USA


I am going to cook my heart out and I am going to plate like I have never plated before - I am going to put myself (Logan) on that plate and show them my heart!

You had better WATCH!

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