Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MasterChef Junior Episode 4 Signature Dish

Behind the Scenes - Well, when you film a tv show you live in a hotel - a top secret hotel - One thing is hotel food is not too good so we started ordering food in. Now in Memphis that might mean 2-4 choices but in LA it means anything goes! So my favorite 2 deliveries were drum roll, Chin Chin Chinese (OUTSTANDING FORTUNES) and Anars Indian! I loved them and thanks for keeping my belly happy!

So I was sure not safe and had to face the next challenge- so sad! It was cooking eggs. Now cooking eggs is a tricky thing! They wanted them perfect and white and Mama only eats them with a bit of brown. This is a hard habit to break! I started breaking eggs and heating up pans and sliding eggs and all I remember is Chef Ramsay saying BLEEP Logan.... Bleep Logan ,,, Bleep Logan... Now for those of you who are true Gordon Ramsay Fans you will understand when I say this MADE my day. I was so happy and laughing it makes me smile just thinking about it! Gordon Ramsay Cussed at me! Logan from Memphis TN. LOVED it.

I got credit for my 7 - I should have demanded  a recount, I  came in third!

Now there is lots of talk about our dream restaurant and of course any kid foodie who has been dreaming of being a chef as long as I have, has a plan. For me it has always been an underwater restaurant- forget the cost and dream big! I mean I love the ocean, fish, the ocean, octopus, the ocean and sea creatures. Can't you see the pleasure of the sea around you in a unique experience. I even wrote an essay on my dream undersea restaurant and won an award. I think I can do it- I think the submersible bubbles would be fun too!

I know it may have seemed silly to some, but to me it is my real true dream! I go for my dreams too, so watch out!

When I started cooking to save my life there was just no way to make my signature dish with 7 ingredients- so I did my best to make a rub, and espuma and veggie and rice. I might have panicked a bit in the pantry. It was our guess, it would be our signature dish!!!

Then in that moment of dread Levi and Josh go home. Now Levi is just a great guy. Everyone knows a kid like him, funny, a prankster (there is a story about Levi and Script and my Mom but I can't share it) just an all around great guy. He is a fabulous chef and I really felt shocked! Josh is just a funny kid too. He loves cars and food and gaming and well is just JOSH! It was another sad day for my friends. After this round I knew the score- saying good bye to friends is tough! Really tough!!!

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