Saturday, November 22, 2014

Logan - MasterChef Junior Contestant - Let's Cook Scrambled Eggs

Let's cook

Ok, so some kids have told me they can't cook. Now this sounds so, well, horrid to a kid chef that I have a plan to help.  I am going to make you some videos, and write some blogs to help.

First the kitchen is a tough place it is hot, sharp, accidents can happen and stuff can catch fire.Make sure to get permission from your parents and their help on this adventure.

Not everything you cook is going to be edible. Some stuff is going to go right into the trash or to your chickens! This is ok! Cause we are not gonna use the best fancy ingredients but some cheaper and easy to buy ingredients and when you master the cheaper ones, then buy the best and try again! Your gonna love it- it will be perfect and so tasty and then you go on Masterchef Jr or Masterchef, take the crown, and shoot me a wink!

First thing to learn - how to scramble eggs , Chef Ramsay style.

Now the eggs will be around $1.40 for the cheapest smallest eggs, but you will need real butter and some salt and pepper. That is it all the stuff ya need and maybe some toast, because when these babies come out, your gonna love them.

Practice cracking the eggs - it is easy, just don't be afraid of them and wash your hands with soap before and after your done. Eggs can carry salmonella and that can make you sick.

Now you have them cracked, give them a stir - slow and steady - you can see how the white is hard to mix in.

You can follow this video of me making the eggs- relax and have fun! Nailing these eggs make instant breakfast, great snack and even an elegant dinner!

This is not for babies- this is a real chef test.

Now that you made the first batch, taste them and try again.

Your dog or cat might like them, maybe your brother, sister or BFF.

Try again! 

Since timing is everything in food, start your toast first! It takes a while! Warm up some deli ham in the pan and Wow Chef Ramsey Eggs! You're good! You did it! You rock!

Be patient 
They are nice and cheap and can be hard to master.

Love the Cabbadge leaf,

Logan HDM