Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wolfgang Puck's The City Walk LA

While I was in LA I got to go to The City Walk several times and try some of the food.

My first stop was Wolfgang Puck's, he is a pretty famous chef and the restaurant looked fresh and clean. It had a fast food, sit down style mixed together. You order at the front and then they delver pretty good food. 
I love fried calamari so I ordered that and a meatloaf. The calamari was fresh, lightly fired and pretty darn good. It is the first time I have been served the tentacles which I see is a trend now. I am not too sure I like that. The little O's have a better flavor and mouth feel. 
I did not like the meatloaf and had some envy for the huge burger my Mom ordered. This time she did not give it up because she hates meatloaf so I was stuck with it! Sigh.. I mean it would have been good if it had been a bit fresher or less dense but it was not. Fortunately we had the calamari so I did not go hungry. My mom's burger looked fantastic and she ate every bit! She said it was fantastic.

So if you are wandering around the city walk try it! You might like it too. Just stay clear of the meatloaf!

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