Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The MasterChef Junior Experience : Episode 2 - Pie??? Really!

Logan MasterChef Junior at Pie Making

Behind the scenes - 

More wardrobe some press meetings. Production Managers and new terms like ICE and Wheels UP... this is Hollywood and there is a system to everything. But if you have ever been in a play a stage manager and Production Manger are pretty close! Since I have been in a couple of plays I was ready for them!

We started with the top three kids from the last challenge making pancakes. I know it sounds easy to make pancakes but poor Oona really did not have a chance since she could not reach the stove. Sean got into a groove and really took it to the house. He might have burned his hand. Samuel looked like he was having fun too so I decided to root for him a bit too. 

Sean made the most pancakes and when they got to climb the stairs and dump that syrup on the judges. I was really laughing. I mean how many times do you see famous chefs covered in syrup! It was a slippery sticky mess!!!! And it was so funny watching them slide around and slip.  I thought they should have used dunk tanks but I guess that would have been a lot more syrup!

MasterChef Graham, Gordon, Joe  Logan

Sean having won had immunity. I know he was feeling good! I would have been. We learned we had to make pie! PIE people!!! Oh, pie is the worst! the crust the creme the lumps, the pitfalls are everywhere.  I got a plan in my head to use lime and raspberry. I wanted a layer of jam on the bottom of the pie to add color and texture to the cream.  I also had some lines of fresh raspberries in there- then I realized there was no way to know where they were so I broke a piece of the crust to give me a clue. I know my pie was not too pretty but I know the flavors had a good balance and the the tart lime cream was off set by that woodsy raspberry and the sweet jam. The flavors tasted fantastic together. 


I was still really nervous I was going home. I mean the pie was not too pretty.

I could not have been more shocked when my friends Jessica and Natalie got sent home. I mean Jess is a really good cook and Natalie is pretty fantastic too. Jess played some games with me and we were really having fun together.  It was another crushing blow to my MCJ friends. We had a bit of a party for them and Jess wished me luck. She also gave me some food for our room which was really really nice of her. 

Jessica MasterChef Junior Elimination Episode 2

Natalie MasterChef Junior Elimination Episode 2

I survived, listening to my little chef inside really paid off and I am happy at least one of those berries made it onto a fork!

Love the cabbage 

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