Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Episode 5 The Pop Up In MasterChef Junior

Logan Guleff Red Team on MasterChef Junior

Behind the Scenes- One thing you might not know about is the famous Target Store runs. Everything is on a time crunch in LA and all of us need stuff like toys and games and socks and food for the Hotel. So our handlers arrange Target runs and we hop out of the big vans and run around Target tossing in food, drinks, toys, games, books, everything... just 30 minutes!! GO! I loved it!! So much fun to just grab everything quick and hit the lines- top grabs- San Peligrino soda, beef jerky, Halo MegaBlocks, water guns and raspberries!

This makes TOP 6 and sets us up for the BEST DAY EVER- well, Not White House good but pretty close!

We hear about a pop up restaurant and head to the Malibu hills to an exclusive winery and the beginnings of my culinary dreams.

I mean this place is posh, swanky, elegant, lovely, gorgeous... I mean did you see the show??
I was on red team and I drove in the red convertible with Chef Ramsay! The drone flew over head and the place was amazing.
We get the menu and headed to our spot. Red team lead by Abby!

I have to say- you may have seen Abby, but that girl is fearless and tiny! I just think she is the best. And while she is a big sister at home she was definitely little sister material for me. I love her!
Our team stumbled and I screwed up that spotted prawn ceviche. I am not sure why I kept getting it wrong. Graham came to me when I was cooking the fish and helped me get all zen with the fish.
That was super cool! My goal was to cook my pants off and make great food and B. Get yelled at by Chef Ramsay (true fan thing again) So while it may look like I was sad inside I was so happy!

I know everyone was exhausted but I LOVED IT - LOVED  LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!

Logan MasterChef Junior Memphis 2014 USA

Here is a video of me DANCING in the van ride home. I thought if I go home know it is OK . I earned a Chef Jacket the first one I have ever worn. and I have cooked at a Master Chef restaurant. Game over this is the best! Maybe Gordon Ramsay will give me a job when I hit 17. Maybe I can be a Chef!

When Sean and Onna got sent home- I was shocked. Sean is just the best and my first teammate. I was crushed for him cause he  has the same goal as me. Oona is just well, Oona, it is hard to watch her be sad.

PS One being called a Chef- If you truly love cooking and food then you know Chef is a title earned and not handed to you and it requires you be paid specifically for FOOD. I have NEVER worn a play Chef coat I have never called myself a chef- I respect it that much!
OONa Eliminated from MasterChef Junior 2014Sean Eliminated from MasterChef Junior 2014

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