Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MasterChef Junior Episode 3 The Journey Continues

Logan MasterChef Junior Cupcakes

From behind the scenes:

Logan MasterChef Junior Cupcakes on FoxBy now you know I rock the bow tie. All of my ties were hand-made by my Godmother Aunt Niki. She made them in like one day when I found out I made the cast. Well, the head of wardrobe and my Mom are a bit tie challenged so it is Abby's Dad who does most of the tieing for me. We also watched this funny video from South Carolina on mornings we didn't want to bother Abby's Dad. By the way, Abby's Dad is the Best! He is so funny!

Our challenge today was Cupcakes... I don't like cake or really even sweets so this was not making me very happy. They had this huge box and everyone just grabbed the cakes I might have picked last and I got a pink cupcake. My partner was Sean. Now this was a huge vote in my favor cause Sean is a great but he is also close to my size and over all a pretty cool hipster guy. We were tied together and we had to bake cupcakes. Now, even though I don't like sweets I can nail a cupcake- my plan a mix of Meyer lemon and basil with basil sugar. I love the complex clean taste with the sugar and I love the hint of savory you can get if the balance is just right. BUT baking tied to another person, frosting is flying and Sean had big plans- for me it is always well developed flavors but for Sean it is the POW.

Logan MasterChef Junior Cupcakes on Fox MCJ2

Well, with some bumps and kicks and screams we got our cupcakes done. Then we waited, and waited the pressure building till they called us up! Now always "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED", but it was for the top prize. You would think that meant I thought I had a guaranteed pass into the next round, but no I was scared they would change the rules and I would be cooking for my life again!

I mean, I like the cooking part but the life part.... not so much....

Logan MasterChef Junior Cupcakes on Fox MCJ2 blog post Sean
Then we got the advantage- to this day I am not sure whether Sean wanted the Shepherd's Pie or I did... it just seemed like the easiest hardest thing to cook. So we chose it! I mean for me the curry would have been much harder with the threat of it could kill the judges chicken....

Our friends got to talk to their Mum cause we all met Gordon's Mum and she was super nice. I don't think it helped with the nerves for the others. It would not have helped me. I just want to turn up the gas and go for it.

It was totally a shock when Mitch and Sam got eliminated. Sam is a really funny guy. He tells jokes all the time and Mitch is a fantastic Soccer player as well as cook! I sure want him on my next soccer team I know we would win every game.

MasterChef Junior Mitchell eliminated

MasterChef Junior Sam eliminated

I survived... keep watching...

Love the cabbage leaf,

PS If you are wondering the best place to have Tea is in the MasterChef kitchen it was AMAZING!

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