Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sous Vide By PolySCi Creative by Logan

Sous Vide

If you want to be a true Gastronomist then you need to learn how to Sous Vide. I will be honest it has taken me a bit more time than I thought to get consistent good food- but once you understand it the results will surprise you.
A Sous Vide is a water circular that heats water to a presisce temperature- the food needs to be vacuum sealed and the better that seal the better the finished product so make sure you have both before you put the Sous Vide to the back of the kitchen shelf.

Here is what I have learned- fish cooks like a dream, but I can usually nail fish so that really presented no challenge. Poached fruit is by far the best- you can't imagine how good when the Sous Vide tenderly cooks it. AMAZING! 

The problem foods I wanted to nail- a skinless boneless chicken breast- the blandest hardest to cook protein and the boneless pork chop. Both of these are death to a so-so home cook and even tougher for a beginner. 

Here is what I did-

BBQ Chicken Breast -
First I coated the breast in some good olive oil generously then I smoked it in the vacuum seal bag in another zip-lock bag with my smoking gun. I went with mesquite wood and coffee grounds for added depth of flavor. I seasoned with salt and pepper and waited for the smoke to do its job to mainly the oil and chicken.
I then sealed the bag and into the Sous Vide at 149 degrees Fahrenheit. for about 1 hour. 
This results in a super tender white chicken breast. 
My goal:

BBQ Chicken- Almost no one can make this without the chicken coming out too dry- I mean it is really hard to slow smoke the breast to be moist and that is exactly what the Sous Vide can NAIL.

I then shredded the chicken, topped with a bit of hardy slaw, BBQ sauce (my own recipe) and put it on mini biscuits for a chicken smoked slider.

I had a little of the smokey chicken left added some celery, onions, and mayo for a smoked chicken salad- I don't have a picture I am afraid the tasters finished it before I could snap one.

Don't be afraid to use this chicken on salad, or bun or whatever it wont disappoint you! If you want more smoke I found another 3 min in the bag with the gun knocked up the taste but my tasters were happy either way!

Next UP the boneless Pork Chop

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I was invited to do a Food and Wine show in Tenafly, NJ last weekend, it took a lot of emailing and calling and working to get all the details, but I finally made it and did my first live Demo.Now, I know you might have seen my Posts for the Giants of Generosity but what you might not know is the story of this one woman charity. 

Ms. Jane is a force for good and for the those without a voice.

She started Giants of Generosity 8 years ago, inspired by Oprah, she decided to help those in need. She said she felt God called her to do this work, and I guess I believe her. Ms Jane laughs easy and cries easy. She wears her heart on her sleeve and like my Mom is fearless with an email list and will ask for anything. She asked for me and of course I said yes.

I know that this charity is small but that means you really see the results of all the work she does just like that. She helps accident victims, fire victims, people hurt, down on their luck or just with no place left to turn. She installed an elevator, redid a house, and just helps those who need help.

 Ms Jane does not ask for much in return- her joy for helping shows on her face and I was honored to be at her event.

I was really nervous to do the demo, I usually can knock out TV spots, radio spots and interviews like that! But 20 minutes with some food sounded tough. I think I did pretty good! She was laughing and the audience loved it. I signed autographs and took pictures and I have to say I think this was my first meet and greet. All the people were just so nice too! Thanks Ms. Jane for letting me share in your mission! Now, if you cant start your own charity and want to just help some nice people who have know where to turn here is a link. I promise every dollar you give will help Ms. Jane help others.


Love the Cabbage Leaf,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shihan Chef Nobu

On my latest trip to Los Angeles I got a reservation, thanks to my Uncle Isreal to the famous Matsuhisa it normally takes a year to get a reservation, so this is a HUGE deal. 

Matsuhisa is Chef Nobu's very first restaurant, it is arguably the best sushi place in the USA!

The restaurant is very, very tiny the sushi bar is very narrow not even two people can fit through! The dinning room is also very small but there is still room for lots of famous people. I sat at a table and Kenny G was eating behind me, how cool!

But now on to the yummy part, for an appetizer I got the toro tartare with caviar in a dashi broth. The toro tartare was intricately flavored yet keeping the fish's natural flavor and the caviar nicely complemented the fish, The toro tartare had  a very bold dashi broth that was very strong in that great mouthwatering umumi flavor.

Overall,it was an awesome way to start a meal.

Next, I ordered some tuna sushi and it was interesting how the tuna had a vinegary sauce and Chef Nobu's dry miso seasoning. It was very good and a new experience for me and a very interesting way to make sushi.

My Aunt ordered the tempura plate and I got to try the shrimp tempura, which was very light with a
dipping sauce, always a classic.

Dad ordered the fish and chips it was very simple but it was the best fish and chips I have ever had.
I also got some normal tuna sushi it was absolutely perfect the rice was sticky and absorbed the soy sauce perfectly the tuna was rich, tender, umaumi, and every thing you could want one bite of sushi to be, no other sushi will ever top it.

Except another order of sushi from Matsuhisa!

We got desert from Chef Nobu and it had shaved ice and great mochi and some banana tubes they were all very good.

Chef Nobu made an unexpected stop at Matsuhisa and came around meeting the dinners and I talked to him and he was very happy! I got to tour the very, very ,very tiny kitchen, I saw the dish washers and how the restaurant can't function with out them and I saw the little grill area and the tiny sushi bar and how each plate is like a canvas and they put the seasoning and oils on it like art. Art that is why I love sushi so much- simple, elegant, purposeful food.

I will forever remember the advice Shihan Chef Nobu gave me.

Love the tuna, Leaf

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Smoking Gun, a who done it?

The Smoking Gun is made by Polyscience.

Well, let's start with Polyscience ( They are one of the best modernist food tool providers around. They are true innovators, and they help us cook interesting "out of the box" type of food.

One of Polyscience's many tools is the Smoking Gun.
There are many reasons why I use it is, but the biggest is because I'm from Memphis - home of the slow smoked BBQ. Smokey food rules the city and it is a huge part of our local food culture. 

The Smoking Gun ( shoots smoke out a tube and you put the tube in a bag with whatever you want to smoke, and leave it in there for a few minutes. It is that easy, and the solid smokey taste is real. It has no artificial tones of fake smoke. 

Logan Guleff Memphis Master Chef

They offer several kinds of woods. Hickory is the strongest and boldest flavor, It will make you go WOW. While Cherry and Apple are more subtle and sweeter.

If you use your smoking gun a lot, the smoke may start to taste bitter- either get some new tube or soak your tube in bleach and water. 

Smoking Gun PolySci Logan MasterChefJunior

Now, I have experimented quite a bit with the smoking gun and I have over 40 recipes so this is not just a one shot gun!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,


Monday, February 2, 2015

Karl Strauss

Now Karl Strauss is also at the City Walk in LA it is upstairs and a bit hidden. The menu looked pretty good to me so we tried it.

The inside is pretty relaxing a bit woodsy and they have a bunch of beer which of course, I cant try.
I ordered a burger topped with fried egg. I can get those at Patrick's at home so I know I like them. I pulled off the pork belly which was sliced too thick and MAN, OH MAN was it good. That egg was the best egg I may have had. In fact it was so good I got and extra one! My Mom got a burger too and she loved it. I mean we were hungry and it was fresh and tasty. We sat in a quiet spot and watched the people walking around below.

We also ordered the pretzel appetizer and they were good. The sauces tasted nice and it was really nicely plated. That can be hard to do to a pretzel.

I would go back anytime. In fact, I want to say thanks for the 2 great meals and the delish eggs.

Love the Cabbage Leaf

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Grand Peabody Hotel - Honorary Duck Master That is HDM!

Coco from Master Chef Jr came to Memphis to join us to watch the show. I mean we are both home schooled and it is more fun to be with friends then to be home alone.

She stayed in the GRAND Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. Now, if you have not come to Memphis or visited the Peabody you probably don't know what is so exciting about the Peabody. IT HAS DUCKS - Yes LIVE ducks in the fountain in the lobby. 

Now this is an old hotel- refinished in the most elegant style to which it was built. Dripping with wood and paint and flowers, NO Hipsters allowed with their modern rooms and diamond encrusted peep holes. This hotel is for those who want elegance of a long forgotten age and history and a story...

So, of course, there is a story here-- and Duck Master Anthony tells it with flair. He is the 5th Duck Master and it is a cool job! 

It goes like this -- The Delta starts in the Lobby of the Peabody Hotel and ends in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The old hotel had a manger in the 1930s and he was going hunting with some friends and some Jack Daniels Whiskey... and the live duck decoys were left in the lobby fountain. Now the next morning when they went downstairs the ducks were just swimming in the fountain and the guest loved it and a long standing tradition was born.

Then Mr Pembrose came into the picture and he said he could train the ducks to march from the fountain across a red carpet and into and elevator all the way to the roof, across the roof, and up to the duck palace where they would be sheltered for the night.

Now this Grand idea is true and today you can go to the Peabody Hotel and watch the ducks come into the fountain and leave the each night. Anthony with make it a great event!!!

Now what made this event even better was Coco and I being DUCK MASTERS- in APRONS and with Canes- As aspiring Chefs we had to promise to not cook DUCK at the Peabody!!! It was so much fun to march the ducks around the fountain and into the elevator!! 

Before the hotel tour, we got a tour of the kitchens and we even got to cook a Fillet with Chef Derek in the Capricio Grill. We also toured Chez Philipe and it was stunning!! Very posh and old fashionably GRAND. Now I love kitchen tours but this one really was the best yet, cause that filet was FINE!!!!

Thanks you so much Peabody Hotel, and Staff!

I loved it
Love the duck weed,

The Peabody ducks are wild, only tour the hotel for 3 months and then are released to a restful island where they can then return to the wild if they desire.

P.S I went to the grand ballroom and spoke to the Memphis Chamber Luncheon 

P.P.S I went back to enjoy a night at the Peabody after I won MasterChef Jr.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fan Art !!! Thank You So Much !!!

Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Season 2 Season 3 MCJ2

Fan art!

Thanks to you, I now have enough fan art to make a fan art Gallery!!

I  receive tons of wonderful fan art from social media.

I think that if I printed-off ALL of it, I would not have enough wall to hang them on, and that is a predicament!

If you guys keep it up, I won't have enough ceiling too, and that would be a bigger predicament!

My favorite fan art masterpieces are the cartooned ones, just a bit more than the edited fan art masterpieces.

So keep drawing, doodling, editing, and creating!

I cant wait to see the next fan art masterpiece!

Love the cabbage leaf,

Here you go (more on the next post):

Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Season 2 Ramsay MCJ2

Winner Logan Guleff USA Champion  MasterChef Junior Season 2 Fan Art 
Winner Logan Guleff USA Champion  MasterChef Junior Season 2 Fan Art

Winner Logan Guleff USA Champion  MasterChef Junior Season 2 Fan Art
Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Season 2 Ramsay MCJ2
Winner Logan Guleff USA FOX MasterChef Junior Season 2

Winner Logan Guleff USA Champion  MasterChef Junior Season 2

Winner Logan Guleff USA FOX MasterChef Junior Season 2

Winner Logan Guleff USA Champion  MasterChef Junior Season 2

Winner Logan Guleff USA FOX MasterChef Junior Season 2

Winner Logan Guleff USA FOX MasterChef Junior Season 2