Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MasterChef Junior Final Episode : I AM THE MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Season 2 Memphis TN
Behind the scenes -

Ok when all your friends are gone, the pressure starts to mount. It has now become very real and I want to win. I believe I can win. I know I will win. I stopped being nervous and remembered that either way I am top 2 of MasterChef Junior. Pretty good for a kid whose Mom does Jewelry and whose Dad makes plastic!

I start thinking about what I want to cook- I feel I need to redeem myself on those spot prawns and pay homage to a local Chef who taught me how to cook fish, prawns, and scallops. Thanks, Chef Ben of Tsunami you are the best. The flavors of the Sun and Sea - salt and fish and Spain. I know my Madeleines are so very good and I think back to my very first friend on the show Berry and know I have to add her to my dish.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Season 2 USA 2014

I see my heart coming onto the plate - Chef Ben, Berry, Christmas cookie party madeleines, the salt fish, my love of olives and mayo... this is me. The MasterChef ingredients are the best I have ever used! So fresh and high end. I think my plan is ambitious, but Samuel is a great cook. He thinks he can beat me easily, but he does not know that in that Ring of Fire, I see my Dreams and I see my love of food and cooking all coming together.

From my first pasta dish to walking into that MasterChef kitchen I am ready. I am going to add smoke to my aloi and it is going to be just perfect. The smoking gun takes me back to river and home and the Best Dang BBQ ever. I see my friends and family in each dish. I know Chef Graham and Chef Ramsay have taught me more than I imagined. I have real joy in my heart as I start to cook. My family is there to support me and I believe....

I work hard and stay with my plan- I even get to use liquid nitrogen a life goal! I am sure I can put my heart on that plate for the Judges.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Season 2 Final The End

When I stand there and Gordon Ramsay calls out my name and LOGAN rings through the studio and the confetti starts to fall I am just amazed. I feel for Samuel, I mean it hurts - I know it won't help but I hug him.

This is my night!


against all odds... I WIN it all.

If you have been a member of TeamLogan all I can say is Thank You! Thank you for the support and the belief in me! It has made this journey more fun and this victory even sweeter! I am honored the judges chose me and I am honored you chose me!

Thank you so very much,


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Episode 6 MasterChef Junior The Attack of The Salmon - Logan

Behind the scenes - 

Logan MasterChef Junior Salmon Memphis Cook Recipe Celebrity Chef

This is when we are all getting tired. Paramount seems like home now and here are some insider tips - They have a huge blue sky wall where Titanic the movie was, Not, I repeat, Not, filmed there. 

"The Coffee Bean" and "Water Tower" have amazing food suvies and coffee. Paramount is considered one of the most haunted places in LA and it is by a cemetery. One ghost is said to be of a young girl.... stage 19 and 5 are the most haunted....



Oh my gosh! Now, I have cut up fish before, but never ever a fish as big and expensive as a SALMON (honestly I only weight 75 lbs). I mean really!!!! That is a huge fish.

Logan MasterChef Junior Salmon Memphis Cook Recipe Celebrity Chef

I picked the one with the freshest looking eye and hauled it back to my station. I tried my best to slice deep and fillet it like I have practiced at home. I really tried my best. This was a bad day--- wasting food in my house is a BIG deal- a HUGE deal... I feel crushed! Mortified!  Very disappointed in myself.

When Adaiah gives me only 5 ingredients it is tough. I think of all the things I could  have made - Salmon with caviar sour cream sauce, Ravioli, Salmon with quail eggs - I really wanted a shot! I decided to try comfiting my Salmon. It is a huge risk! I would normally have added other spices, made something more....

Logan MasterChef Junior Salmon Memphis Cook Recipe

I start the poaching, make a dill lemon salt, puree some broccoli rabe, ruin some potatoes and redo them... IT is all a risk! Will my first ever Comfit Salmon taste good?? Go big or Go home!

When Adaiah and Abby are sent home -  my heart is pounding a mile a minute! I can't figure out just what has happened! I see Abby crying and my heart is hurting - but her Dad is just the BEST and he gets her a fancy cake and she is ok! It was tough.

Abby MasterChef Junior Eliminated 2014 USAAdaiah MasterChef Junior Eliminated 2014 USA


I am going to cook my heart out and I am going to plate like I have never plated before - I am going to put myself (Logan) on that plate and show them my heart!

You had better WATCH!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Episode 5 The Pop Up In MasterChef Junior

Logan Guleff Red Team on MasterChef Junior

Behind the Scenes- One thing you might not know about is the famous Target Store runs. Everything is on a time crunch in LA and all of us need stuff like toys and games and socks and food for the Hotel. So our handlers arrange Target runs and we hop out of the big vans and run around Target tossing in food, drinks, toys, games, books, everything... just 30 minutes!! GO! I loved it!! So much fun to just grab everything quick and hit the lines- top grabs- San Peligrino soda, beef jerky, Halo MegaBlocks, water guns and raspberries!

This makes TOP 6 and sets us up for the BEST DAY EVER- well, Not White House good but pretty close!

We hear about a pop up restaurant and head to the Malibu hills to an exclusive winery and the beginnings of my culinary dreams.

I mean this place is posh, swanky, elegant, lovely, gorgeous... I mean did you see the show??
I was on red team and I drove in the red convertible with Chef Ramsay! The drone flew over head and the place was amazing.
We get the menu and headed to our spot. Red team lead by Abby!

I have to say- you may have seen Abby, but that girl is fearless and tiny! I just think she is the best. And while she is a big sister at home she was definitely little sister material for me. I love her!
Our team stumbled and I screwed up that spotted prawn ceviche. I am not sure why I kept getting it wrong. Graham came to me when I was cooking the fish and helped me get all zen with the fish.
That was super cool! My goal was to cook my pants off and make great food and B. Get yelled at by Chef Ramsay (true fan thing again) So while it may look like I was sad inside I was so happy!

I know everyone was exhausted but I LOVED IT - LOVED  LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!

Logan MasterChef Junior Memphis 2014 USA

Here is a video of me DANCING in the van ride home. I thought if I go home know it is OK . I earned a Chef Jacket the first one I have ever worn. and I have cooked at a Master Chef restaurant. Game over this is the best! Maybe Gordon Ramsay will give me a job when I hit 17. Maybe I can be a Chef!


When Sean and Onna got sent home- I was shocked. Sean is just the best and my first teammate. I was crushed for him cause he  has the same goal as me. Oona is just well, Oona, it is hard to watch her be sad.

PS One being called a Chef- If you truly love cooking and food then you know Chef is a title earned and not handed to you and it requires you be paid specifically for FOOD. I have NEVER worn a play Chef coat I have never called myself a chef- I respect it that much!
OONa Eliminated from MasterChef Junior 2014Sean Eliminated from MasterChef Junior 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let's not forget those who are hungry!

I know I am very lucky that I have never gone hungry. I have never opened the pantry and found it empty.

This is not true for everyone - in America, kids still go hungry. People still do not have enough to eat.

When you practice cooking sometimes there are mistakes - burned food, bad tasting food, poorly cooked food- food that no one wants to eat. You can't practice without making mistakes. So there is food waste. In order to have the freedom to learn to cook you need to waste a bit of food. It just happens.

A few years ago, I was learning and ruining food - so my Mom took me to St. John's Soup Kitchen just down the street from me and we cooked for those who are hungry. St Johns has a long history of feeding those in need and serves about 150 meals twice a week (that's 15,600 a year). It was my privilege to cook with them and give back to the food world. I am sure it does not surprise you that is is not restaurant quality food. It is stretch the money, feed the most people we can kind of cooking. It is harsh facing all those hungry folks - young, old, every race, every age, hungry people. It is tragic. It is real.

My Mom also had me help cook meals for Ronald McDonald House at St. Jude. these are families going through hard times dealing with tragically ill kids. They may not be classically hungry but they are in need and we decided we could help. The food left our home and we hoped it brought them comfort. We hope it told them we cared and that we wished them all health.

Last year, we heard that our friends at Trinity were going to host the homeless in a program called Room in the Inn - and they needed to feed 30 people a decent wholesome meal. We stepped up and cooked. Ham, hearty vegetable bean soup, potatoes, salad,  biscuits fruit, dessert. We fed these sometimes forgotten people. We hope they too felt the warmth of a good meal, the fellowship of friends and warm place to sleep. This year we cooked the Thanksgiving meal. 

We heard through the Boy Scouts that the local Rotary Club was going to package meals for hungry people- so I went early and with my friend and we packaged food. 1 cup rice, 1 cup vegetable protein, 1 vitamin pack, 1 tbs dried vegetable. Food enough for 6. Desperate food, low coast food, needed food. These packs are GRATEFULLY accepted. They are fought for. They are needed. And no chef would ever consider them in restaurant.

All these food experiences make me a better cook, a more compassionate food explorer and a more grateful human.

Maybe one day I will share my most meaningful story from St. Johns- the one I always carry in my heart. Not today.... today I am grateful for Breakfast!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,
Logan, Masterchef Junior Contestant

Here's a link to Trinity, if you want to help out.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MasterChef Junior Episode 4 Signature Dish

Behind the Scenes - Well, when you film a tv show you live in a hotel - a top secret hotel - One thing is hotel food is not too good so we started ordering food in. Now in Memphis that might mean 2-4 choices but in LA it means anything goes! So my favorite 2 deliveries were drum roll, Chin Chin Chinese (OUTSTANDING FORTUNES) and Anars Indian! I loved them and thanks for keeping my belly happy!

So I was sure not safe and had to face the next challenge- so sad! It was cooking eggs. Now cooking eggs is a tricky thing! They wanted them perfect and white and Mama only eats them with a bit of brown. This is a hard habit to break! I started breaking eggs and heating up pans and sliding eggs and all I remember is Chef Ramsay saying BLEEP Logan.... Bleep Logan ,,, Bleep Logan... Now for those of you who are true Gordon Ramsay Fans you will understand when I say this MADE my day. I was so happy and laughing it makes me smile just thinking about it! Gordon Ramsay Cussed at me! Logan from Memphis TN. LOVED it.

I got credit for my 7 - I should have demanded  a recount, I  came in third!

Now there is lots of talk about our dream restaurant and of course any kid foodie who has been dreaming of being a chef as long as I have, has a plan. For me it has always been an underwater restaurant- forget the cost and dream big! I mean I love the ocean, fish, the ocean, octopus, the ocean and sea creatures. Can't you see the pleasure of the sea around you in a unique experience. I even wrote an essay on my dream undersea restaurant and won an award. I think I can do it- I think the submersible bubbles would be fun too!

I know it may have seemed silly to some, but to me it is my real true dream! I go for my dreams too, so watch out!

When I started cooking to save my life there was just no way to make my signature dish with 7 ingredients- so I did my best to make a rub, and espuma and veggie and rice. I might have panicked a bit in the pantry. It was our guess, it would be our signature dish!!!

Then in that moment of dread Levi and Josh go home. Now Levi is just a great guy. Everyone knows a kid like him, funny, a prankster (there is a story about Levi and Script and my Mom but I can't share it) just an all around great guy. He is a fabulous chef and I really felt shocked! Josh is just a funny kid too. He loves cars and food and gaming and well is just JOSH! It was another sad day for my friends. After this round I knew the score- saying good bye to friends is tough! Really tough!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Logan - MasterChef Junior Contestant - Let's Cook Scrambled Eggs

Let's cook

Ok, so some kids have told me they can't cook. Now this sounds so, well, horrid to a kid chef that I have a plan to help.  I am going to make you some videos, and write some blogs to help.

First the kitchen is a tough place it is hot, sharp, accidents can happen and stuff can catch fire.Make sure to get permission from your parents and their help on this adventure.

Not everything you cook is going to be edible. Some stuff is going to go right into the trash or to your chickens! This is ok! Cause we are not gonna use the best fancy ingredients but some cheaper and easy to buy ingredients and when you master the cheaper ones, then buy the best and try again! Your gonna love it- it will be perfect and so tasty and then you go on Masterchef Jr or Masterchef, take the crown, and shoot me a wink!

First thing to learn - how to scramble eggs , Chef Ramsay style.

Now the eggs will be around $1.40 for the cheapest smallest eggs, but you will need real butter and some salt and pepper. That is it all the stuff ya need and maybe some toast, because when these babies come out, your gonna love them.

Practice cracking the eggs - it is easy, just don't be afraid of them and wash your hands with soap before and after your done. Eggs can carry salmonella and that can make you sick.

Now you have them cracked, give them a stir - slow and steady - you can see how the white is hard to mix in.

You can follow this video of me making the eggs- relax and have fun! Nailing these eggs make instant breakfast, great snack and even an elegant dinner!

This is not for babies- this is a real chef test.

Now that you made the first batch, taste them and try again.

Your dog or cat might like them, maybe your brother, sister or BFF.

Try again! 

Since timing is everything in food, start your toast first! It takes a while! Warm up some deli ham in the pan and Wow Chef Ramsey Eggs! You're good! You did it! You rock!

Be patient 
They are nice and cheap and can be hard to master.

Love the Cabbadge leaf,

Logan HDM

Friday, November 21, 2014

Minecraft Meets MasterChef Junior by Contestant Logan


Check out : Minecraft Meets MasterChef Junior by Contestant Logan.

Also on YouTube at: