Monday, October 13, 2014

The Ultimate Meat Extravaganza Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil is downtown and it is fancy. It is known for the endless meat, it just keeps coming endlessly. I think it is an Brazilian steak house. The guys who bring the meat wear gaucho pants and are always carrying meat.

They have a huge salad bar in the middle of the restaurant with tons of yummy things to eat with the meat - like olives, cheeses, black beans, the chimichurri sauce and, well, salad.

I LOVE to go. Normally I don't eat much meat but at Texas de Brazil the meat is so good, I get stuffed. I really enjoy the flank steak, the sirloin, the ribs, the sausage, the lamb, the fillet and sometimes even the chicken - basically all the meat. It is all  really delicious. I even like how they will bring it out and cut your pieces for the perfect temperature for you. I like medium rare. I think they brine it first to make it tender and juicy.

Dad likes to go for lunch instead of dinner because it is a bit less expensive and he has all day to get over eating all that MEAT.

So if you want an endless array of yummy roasted meat in a super cool atmosphere with great sides this is the place for you and ME!

Love the Cabbage Leaf

PS. I really like the blue glasses and the meat!
Just so excited I forgot to take the photos!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

"Cook Wanted", so I applied - The Nina and The Pinta

Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior 2 BBQ Nina Pinta
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Junior 2 It was a beautiful fall day and I went on a field trip to the Nina and Pinta down on the Mississippi
River. I saw a sign that said "Cook Wanted", so I asked for the job, but I had to be, sigh, 18.

I talk to the crew on how terrible the food was and how they needed a good cook. I felt kinda sorry for them, so my Mom said I could bring them dinner. I was all set to smoke some pork anyway, so I decided to give them a good Memphis Style BBQ meal. They were the guinea pigs for new seasoning blends I have been working on, but don't tell them!

I smoked a pork shoulder with my own blends, some sausage and some chicken. It tasted pretty good. I also made my own BBQ sauce to go with the sandwiches. We cooked up some beans and made some slaw.
I got my Dad to drive down to the docks to deliver the dinner. When all the prep work came together, we got to make some great volunteers very happy. The crew of the Nina and Pinta are unpaid, so they don't get to taste much local cuisine.
Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Memphis

I got to go into the hold of the Pinta and it was cool. The galley is tiny, the hold is tiny, everything is tiny, and it is the bigger of the two ships! Now that made it a field trip! As a thank you they gave me a hat and an awesome postcard signed by the crew!

This may seem really crazy, but it an absolutely positively true story, just ask the crew!

MasterChef Junior USA Logan Guleff  Memphis, Tennessee

Making people happy with food.

Love the cabbage leaf,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pizza King Longview, TX from Post MasterChef Junior Auditions Season 2

Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Jr 2 Pizza KingOne of the best things about doing the audition in Dallas for MasterChef Junior Season 2 was getting to visit my cousin Michael in Longview TX. He was in college there and I got to see the campus and it was all really cool.

We took him out for dinner and you might not know this, but Longview is a small town. We asked Siri the best place to go and she said Pizza King.

The inside was really cute with all kinds of vintage cars and trucks. It had a 50's diner feel and I liked it.  
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Jr 2
Relaxing after MasterChef Casting
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Junior 2 Cousin MichaelI was not expecting much in terms of the food. I mean it is a small town and all. But it was really good. We got some salad and ordered maybe 3 pizzas. We wanted to leave Michael with some extra food. You know he is a college guy and probably always can find a friend to share pizza.

I enjoyed the pizza. It was fresh, cheesy and well a pretty good pizza!
Michael liked it too, and when he told his Mom where he was, she told us that is the first place she went on a date with Michael's Dad. Michael had never been so it was kinda fun to think about his Mom and Dad having pizza at the  Pizza King.
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Jr 2 TEXAS
So it you are road tripping through Texas and get hungry- Try it!

PS I did not take and pictures of the food sorry! My cousin Michael was there and I just was too excited to take them!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Twisted Root Burger Co. a Big D Must, Before MasterChef Junior Auditions

For the MasterChef Junior Season 2 Audition, we pulled into Dallas the first thing we had to do was grab something delicious. I asked Siri for the best burger and she said Twisted Root Burger Co. It was close so we went.

It is a rustic kind of place with a great sense of humor. They have 2 of my most favorite things Root Beer and Pickles. It was love at first bite.

I ordered a burger and then I realized my Mom's burger was better so I ate hers. It happens frequently, sorry Mom! I get too adventurous and she saves me by choosing my favorites. This burger was huge and juicy and perfectly cooked. I loved that they made their own ketchup. They also make the pickles and the unique root beer. It is the BOMB. 

The fries were crispy and delish. I loved the place! The bathroom was devoted entirely to Chuck Norris! How cool is that?
Logan Guleff Masterchef Junior Audition Season 2 USA

I would say Siri did hit the best burger in Dallas, is a big city and I am one hungry boy.

Love the Cabbage, Leaf

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Masterchef Junior here I come!

I have a secret, I love Chef Gordon Ramsay and all of his TV shows. Last year when I saw Masterchef Junior on Fox I said to myself "well, I can do that"  They had a commercial for the auditions and I said to Dad, Can we go? Now, my Dad loves reality tv almost as much as hamburgers so he said yes.
Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Season 2 Memphis in Dallas Casting
MasterChef Junior 2 Auditions - Dallas

I filled out all the paperwork and we got accepted to go to Dallas and audition. I am gonna say this again my
Dad LOVES reality TV so he drove me all the way to Dallas to try out! 

Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Season 2 Memphis in Dallas AuditionsI cant say too much about the casting process it is all top secret. I can tell you it was a lot of fun and I loved it!

It took some time then I heard the news. I MADE it!!!!

Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Season 2 Memphis in Dallas Texas
So,that means basically, I get to be on the show, meet Gordon Ramsay and try my best. I do hope that Chef Ramsay does what he does best and yells at me just a bit! 

I cant tell you how great it will be to meet Chef Elliot and Joe. I have Chef Elliot's autograph and he wrote me a real letter. 


So tune in and watch me on Master Chef Junior.

PS. The other best part of the road trip was getting to see my cousin Michael! I love him and we had a great time eating pizza together in TX.

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Love the Cabbage,


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Schweinehaus : A new cuisine in Overton Square.

Another new restaurant opened up in Overton Square in that great building that used to be Paulettes.

Schweinehaus is a German restaurant, a very fun and happening place.
The decor was nice slightly old fashioned but still nice.

Logan MasterChef Junior Memphis, Tennessee Season 2 GuleffMost of the waiters were wearing very funny T-shirts, worth the trip just for the shirts. I won't tell you, so you can be surprised.

I ordered the Spatzle Mac and Cheese. It is a mac and cheese with eggy dumplings and baked crispy. I liked it. The dumplings had a great texture and the cheese sauce was nice and not grainy.  I don't really like Mac and Cheese, so it was a surprise.
I also ordered a Bratwurst with potato pancakes   and sauerkraut. I liked the Bratwurst it had a great meaty flavor, the sides were nice too. 

Dad ordered the Sausage plate full of like 4 kinds of sausages. I had a few bites of the Wild boar, the Venison, the Bratwurst, and Weisswurst. The wild boar was my favorite on the table. It just had a great flavor and texture. It was awesome. I thought the venison was a bit sweet but nice and not too gamey, if you know what I mean. Probably the sugar helped with that. 

Dad liked it and he enjoyed all the different types of sausage. Now Dad would have liked to have an added meat to off set all that sausage but I thought it was all really good.

Mama had the Weisswurst and the sides. The Weisswurst had a great light flavor and was complemented by the mustard perfectly. We did use all the fancy mustards that came with Dad's plate. I really preferred the whole grain, one of the three was just too sweet for me. 

I bet Mama a dollar that she could not cook the German food, days later, I had to give up my dollar. Mama can cook German food!

I surprised myself trying all this, not because I TRIED it, but because I really liked it all. Mama has made me "German", 3 times since going, and I am happy to eat it every time.

Thanks Schweinhaus!

Love the Cabbage, Leaf,

PS. So try something new and unusual! Be warned it is a bit pricey like most of the new places in Overton Square. 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When you eat at BoneFish all that's left are bones.

I had a chance to have a celebration dinner a while back and my Dad thought that BoneFish would be a big treat. It is all the way out in Collierville so it felt like an adventure.

I loved the inside it was really fancy and we had a nice table. It did feel like a treat.

I ordered the Lobster which I have only had one other time. The 2 tails were grilled and split open with a really nice clarified butter. I think they were just a bit tough but the lobster had a great taste. The other food on the table were some good looking fish and chips, and a huge burger, which I must say looked too good to not have just a touch of burger envy!

I really prefer to eat at local restaurants but for a chain it was very good.

So if you have a date coming or a business dinner you might want to give it a try.
Logan Guleff Memphis Food Blogger MasterChef Junior Jr 2
Love the cabbage Leaf,


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