Tuesday, November 24, 2015

H.O.T Chicken

Hattie B's
When you live in Memphis one of the closest places to visit in the state is Nashville. I love to go to Nashville the city is big and just a lot different than Memphis.

Nashville is known for the famous hot chicken- it is a Crispy fried chicken with a hot oil pored on top after it is cooked.

I had to try it!

I happened to be going to Nashville for fun and I talked dad into trying Hattie B's hot chicken, I could not talk dad into trying the hottest chicken though.

Hattie B's was good crispy and hot- I got mild mom got medium and dad go mild. The hot was better than mild so don't chicken out and try the heat.
I had some amazing Mac and cheese very creamy! And some slaw that was just slaw.

I also enjoyed some black eyed pea salad it was very interesting it had bits of peppers and tomatoes in it. 
We shared a banana pudding and it was really pretty good. It had like a meringue in it and that made it unique.

I loved the graphics of the place and the chickens were just too cute.

Overall I liked it but you really cant beat Gus's for my favorite but it was still really good!

Love the cabbage

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Ultimate Burger

Memphis Best Burger Fest 2015.

Burger Fest is a big deal in Memphis and is always a lot of fun.
The Burger Fest changed locations from Minglewood plaza to Tiger Lane at the Liberty Bowl, Tiger Lane is a much bigger venue and gives the teams a lot more space to make delicious burgers.
The Festival has grown a lot since I did my first blog post on it.
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side it was very cold and gray but that did not stop the fun and the burgers!
I got to judge the veggie burgers and the regular burgers.
Dad also judged the veggie burgers.
The judging process is very secretive but the veggie burgers were very interesting and definitely gave me some ideas about how to make my veggie burger better.
The beef burgers were tasty and interesting two, the  competition burgers are a lot different than classic burgers just like BBQ.
There were also lots of cool food trucks and fun things to do.
I cant wait for next Best Burger Fest hopefully the weather will be better.
Love the cabbage

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No Soup For You 2.0

Vietnam Restaurant.

Vietnam Restaurant has a very straight forward name,
a Restaurant serving Vietnamese food.
It is located on the very creepy street, Cleveland a little way away from the old Sears Cross Town Center, in Memphis TN.
Now I usually don't try new pho places because I like Pho Siagon, but Vietnam Restaurant was on Jenifer Biggs list of  places to eat before you die, in Memphis
The restaurant had an indoor water fall, several fish tanks,
and some plants.
On the table were the normal sauces and utensils.
I ordered the seafood Pho and it was un"PHO"getable,  
it was very good a nice and light broth very tasty with, fish cake, squid, crab meat, and shrimp.
I got it with no shrimp, all of the seafood was very good.

Mama ordered the combo Vietnamese sandwich, all Vietnamese sandwiches are usually really good.
This Vietnamese sandwich was incredible it was spicy, the weird pork stuff was very tasty and tender, the carrots and cilantro were very fresh and yummy.
The sandwich was so good that we shared another.
I also got a bubble tea, I love bubble tea with the tapioca pearls. I had a green tea flavored one and it had so many bubbles that only the photo will tell you!

So if your hungry and brave and there is some daylight
than got to the Vietnam Restaurant for some delicous and un"PHO"getable Pho.

Love the puns

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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Whole Lot of Food

One of the cool things about when a new grocery store opens up it brings so many possibilities to a community.
The new Whole Foods in Germantown brings those possibilities to life. 
I have never seen how a grocery store comes from the ground up and seeing some shelves stocked and the shelf right next to it empty is really neat.
I got to meet the team who helps with the opening and they gave me a wonderful tour of the new Whole Foods.
The center piece when you walk in is this fabulous dry ageing show case that easily gives you a 360 view of the dry aging process.
The Whole Foods has like every grocery store, a meat and seafood section, a dairy section, a produce section.
They also have a crepe making section, where they do a verity of sweet and savory crepes.
They also have (my personal favorite of the whole tour)
A Ramen Bar!!!
Now you may know that I love ramen and that there are only 3 or 4 places to get ramen in Memphis and so finding a place that servers it is a big treat!
They also sever some really rock'n and cool sushi burritos,

Now you may be thinking a sushi burrito? Whats a sushi burrito? I definitely was very intrigued. The burritos are kinda hard to explain, but its like a hand roll that you would find in Japan.
The sushi burritos are filled with either fish or chicken or  tofu wrapped in rice and then wrapped in seaweed, they come out to be, well, the size of a burrito.
The sushi burritos were very tasty.
They had several flavors of ramen, including Kimchi, Tonkatsu, spicy Tonkatsu, and many more.
The ramen was very tasty the egg on the ramen can be hard to get the perfect texture with the jelly yoke, the broth was flavorful and delicious super tasty.

The next section is the charcuterie the meats and cheeses were very good they had some smoked goat cheese and other wonderful cheeses and also a very interesting vegan charcuterie.
The Whole Foods also has a custom made espresso machine

So go to the Whole Foods and bring your appetite and then think about something creative for dinner.

Love the cabbage Leaf,

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Small Bite of Bleu!

New Bleu 

A  while back I did a blog post on Bleu, if you know Bleu they like to change their menu a lot and since then they now have a new chef and menu.
I got a call go down to Bleu and participate in a really cool blogger tasting menu, and so I went. It was really neat being with a bunch of food bloggers, we all knew what we were eating and it was kinda like having lunch with your friends at camp. Everybody was taking photos and more photos! That is so Food Blogger! 

Chef went to Johnson and Whales when she was 14 and has a Jamaican background and flavors and she loves crab legs.

I have talked to bunches of chefs and almost ALL of them love crab legs over any other kind of seafood and I wondered why that is...
Well, its because crab is the best, that crab is delicious, and well, its crab. Man, I wish I had some crab right now.
Now I can't tell you all the little tasty things I ate there was just so many of them! Stand outs the short ribs, the enpinada, the salad! YUM.....
So,if you have not had lunch yet and want something new
than head on down to Bleu.

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Belly Acres

I was walking around Overton Square one Sunday and saw another new restaurant called Belly Acres and its a farm to table specializing in burgers. Now the name Belly Acres kinda makes me think am gonna get a belly ache, but I decided to take a chance, fortunately I did not get a belly ache afterwords, phew.

The interior is very nice it really went with the theme of the restaurant, there is a plane flying through the wall, they even have a tractor I don't know if it still runs?

I ordered the bison burger with the normal toppings nothing to extreme but I did get some wasabi mayo on the side and for my side I got homemade chips. Making home made chips really good is really hard, and these just were not to good I had side envoy.
Mama's ordered a side of fries and they were the best side even Dad had side envoy.

The burger was pretty good the bison was good, but the bun was a little soggy. The rest of the toppings were really good though.

Dad ordered a grass feed beef burger, dad liked it 

Mama ordered the same burger as dad but ordered the fries, and we were all battling over the fries.
So when you go to Belly Acres be sure to order the fries.

Love the cabbage, Leaf

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Belly AcresBelly Acres

Monday, August 24, 2015

The corner of Cooper and Young, Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar

Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar

I first heard of Strano from a FB post back when I was on TV. I got an invite to visit and to play with some of the cool culinary tools Chef Josh uses daily. He wanted to help me with Foam. So, this isn't an ordinary blog post.

Chef Josh is the youngest restaurant owner, he has a lot of molecular tools to help fuel his ideas.
He is naturally the kind of guy I like to be around.

Chef Josh also helped me host my final episode party, thanks Josh!

Chef Josh's restaurant Strano! is located at
 that cursed spot at Cooper and Young. The restaurant is decorated with cool art, and a nice flow. The restaurant has sound baffles which make a large space fell quiet and cozy.

When I went and played around with Josh, I made a pesto pizza and Dad really liked it....

You may know what happens when dad really likes something...   He gets a craving!

We ordered on the first visit ( It was that good!) the fried calamari, pesto pizza, and toasted ravioli. The calamari was nicely breaded and sliced nice and thin the dipping sauce was a simple marinara, a well balanced dish.

The fried ravioli were nice and crispy and very good.

Chef Josh let me go in the kitchen and make the pesto pizza , so I can't really critique the pizza but, I could have made it rounder.

On the second visit I ordered the calamari again.
Dad ordered The Sous Vide pork tenderloin, he thought that the Sous Vide was a very interesting way to cook, Dad liked it.

Mama ordered Chef Josh's Signature spinach pie, the recipe is Josh's grandma's so you know it has to be good!
Mama really enjoyed the pie.

Chef Josh did one of the hardest things to do, he un-cursed
a location.

Love the Cabbage, 

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Strano! Sicilian Kitchen & BarStrano! Sicilian Kitchen & Bar