Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MCJ2 I finally get into the Masterchef Kitchen

Behind the Scenes - There is lots of stuff to do before you finally get into the Masterchef Kitchen.
There were meetings and photo shoots and wardrobe. Don't forget hair and makeup. I mean this is Hollywood after all.
We all met up and discovered that we were a room full of kid foodies and cooks and want-to-be chefs. This has never happened to me before. It felt kinda weird, cause there was not a chicken nugget eating, kool aid drinking, kid in the group. There instead we were all sushi eating  coffee and Italian soda drinking kids.

Now there are tons of things I can't tell you but a pool and kids and food should say it all.

When I went into that kitchen it was stunning! Really,cool and there was a spot for me! Logan from Memphis TN.


Logan and Graham Elliot on MasterChef Junior Episode 1
We had a mystery box challenge right off the bat and my juicer fell apart.  I was so nervous but  I did get it back together. My plan was to infuse the pork chop with apple juice and do maple mustard glazed carrots. It was a rush and stressful, but I put my best foot forward and got it on the plate. Then I was so sad when my food was not selected to be tasted in the top 3. Natalie and Onna and Sean make it to the top and Natalie gets chosen best dish.
Nasir MasterChef Jr Cooking
Natalie had the advantage and she chose chicken for the challenge. We walk back in and there were chickens all over the kitchen! I had to catch one! Not sure how I grabbed one, but I did! Thank goodness I did not have to butcher our feather friends, maybe they were in an actor union. Either way I was happy but nervous. I mean, chicken is tough to cook and all. You could kill a judge with it- and I sure did not want to kill Chef Ramsay or have him say "Bleep" Logan its "bloody raw".

Now the Judges tried all our food and I am not sure I can tell you what I made. I they did not just pick those seven but tasted all 16 dishes. I was so nervous to have them try my food.  I can tell you all I have cooked for Gordon Ramsay Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich!
Masterchef Junuior Isabella Eliminated
Nasir MasterChef Junior EliminationCoco MasterChef Junior elimination Then came the hard part four of my friends, I mean my favorite people got called up and in a shocking moment were set home. I can't tell you what that feels like - a bit happy I was safe, but really upset for my friends Nasir, Berry Coco, and Isabella. I mean we were just starting out on a life-time friendship!


It was one of the lowest moments. I felt so bad.

We had a great excursion with them the next day but it just was not the same! I was really not sure I wanted to continue - it felt that bad. But that is the way this show and competition is played. It is the bad part - going home....

For me the journey continues - Join Team Logan!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,


Logan MasterChef Junior

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