Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MasterChef Junior Final Episode : I AM THE MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Season 2 Memphis TN
Behind the scenes -

Ok when all your friends are gone, the pressure starts to mount. It has now become very real and I want to win. I believe I can win. I know I will win. I stopped being nervous and remembered that either way I am top 2 of MasterChef Junior. Pretty good for a kid whose Mom does Jewelry and whose Dad makes plastic!

I start thinking about what I want to cook- I feel I need to redeem myself on those spot prawns and pay homage to a local Chef who taught me how to cook fish, prawns, and scallops. Thanks, Chef Ben of Tsunami you are the best. The flavors of the Sun and Sea - salt and fish and Spain. I know my Madeleines are so very good and I think back to my very first friend on the show Berry and know I have to add her to my dish.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Season 2 USA 2014

I see my heart coming onto the plate - Chef Ben, Berry, Christmas cookie party madeleines, the salt fish, my love of olives and mayo... this is me. The MasterChef ingredients are the best I have ever used! So fresh and high end. I think my plan is ambitious, but Samuel is a great cook. He thinks he can beat me easily, but he does not know that in that Ring of Fire, I see my Dreams and I see my love of food and cooking all coming together.

Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Season 2

From my first pasta dish to walking into that MasterChef kitchen I am ready. I am going to add smoke to my aloi and it is going to be just perfect. The smoking gun takes me back to river and home and the Best Dang BBQ ever. I see my friends and family in each dish. I know Chef Graham and Chef Ramsay have taught me more than I imagined. I have real joy in my heart as I start to cook. My family is there to support me and I believe....

I work hard and stay with my plan- I even get to use liquid nitrogen a life goal! I am sure I can put my heart on that plate for the Judges.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Season 2 Final The End

When I stand there and Gordon Ramsay calls out my name and LOGAN rings through the studio and the confetti starts to fall I am just amazed. I feel for Samuel, I mean it hurts - I know it won't help but I hug him.

This is my night!


against all odds... I WIN it all.

Logan MCJ 2 Winner FOX Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Season 2

If you have been a member of TeamLogan all I can say is Thank You! Thank you for the support and the belief in me! It has made this journey more fun and this victory even sweeter! I am honored the judges chose me and I am honored you chose me!

Thank you so very much,


Logan Winner MCJ Memphis Season 2 Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Season 2

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