Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Do You Do After You Win MasterChef Jr ?

You go to Universal Studios!

Behind the Scenes- First off after you win Masterchef Jr there is just a lot of waiting and work. Interviews, meetings...but you are really happy, so it is all good!

Now my Aunt and Uncle live in the LA area, so we popped in for a visit. We stayed with them a couple of days and had a great time. It was good to relax.

My Uncle works at Universal Studios so he hooked us up with a once in a lifetime trip to the Park. I mean we had passes and great food and fast passes and I even got to met the Head Executive Chef for Universal. I mean this is the guy who feeds over 20,000 people a DAY! Chef Eric was crazy nice to me! Now we could not tell him anything about what I had just done, so the Chef was just sharing his time with a fellow foodie.

Winner MasterChef Junior Logan Winner

 It was Amazing! I mean they have a great system to make and distribute all that food around the park and they make literally tons of it!
  Gru's Cafe was the Bomb - the fried mac and cheese and the Chicken and minion cupcakes all so good!


The V.I.P. had the prettiest buffet with the tastiest food ever. 

Everything was fresh and well cooked. Chef Eric runs a great staff of Chefs and restaurant managers. Everyone was friendly and I had the best day!
Logan Guleff Winner MasterChef Junior Minons Winner 

It was super fun and relaxing! Those fast passes really made it the best experience and the great staff made me feel like a rockstar. I was feeling pretty confused about winning and not being able to celebrate so this was just the most exciting way to celebrate without telling anyone!

Thanks Chef Eric, Uncle Israel, Universal staff. I had a blast and the new Minion ride was the best.

Masterchef Junior Logan