Tuesday, January 6, 2015

St John's Soup Kitchen

Some of you have asked for this story, so I will share it.

This is very personal and it forever keeps me humble!

I went to the Soup Kitchen to cook. It is close to my home so I walked with my Mom. It was the Christmas meal and my good friend John was working. I headed to the kitchen but John stopped me and asked me to fill gift bags and pass out gifts. Now, this is a nice job a fine job but, not really what I love to do.

Of course, I did it that is what was needed. 

John noticed that I was not overly happy like I normally am and he asked me what I was missing. He is a super nice guy and knows that good Volunteers have to be doing what they love to do too. 

I told him I really just wanted to be cooking, but the meal was over and no cooking was left.

Now, no one gets turned away at St Johns, if it is at all possible - so when an elderly African American man came in no one could say, no food left.

John grabbed me and said he needed me to whip up something for this man. We got frozen bread, left over pasta sauce and some pepperoni. I mean the pantry was pretty bare. They had just fed 150 folks.

I made some sandwiches and nuked them, really this was not the best meal... not even a meal... not even a school lunch.. but it was all there was. 

We found some other items like a yogurt cup and some granola bars and then rushed out to bring the gentleman his dinner. 

John told him I had met President Obama and that I had made this food. His eyes welled up with tears, he clasped my hand and told me he was GRATEFUL and HONORED to shake my hand. The hand that shook President Obama's. His eyes glowed with gratitude and love. He said he was blessed I came out to cook for him. He told me he was proud of me and thanked me. 

My eyes filled with tears - this was not a steak dinner, not a soup kitchen dinner, and yet it was much better than being hungry.

As I walked back to my warm home with my frig filled with food - I cried, my Mom cried. 

I need to cook him Steak or something.....

I am GRATEFUL for all I have,


Love the cabbage Leaf,