Monday, January 26, 2015

The Grand Peabody Hotel - Honorary Duck Master That is HDM!

Coco from Master Chef Jr came to Memphis to join us to watch the show. I mean we are both home schooled and it is more fun to be with friends then to be home alone.

She stayed in the GRAND Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. Now, if you have not come to Memphis or visited the Peabody you probably don't know what is so exciting about the Peabody. IT HAS DUCKS - Yes LIVE ducks in the fountain in the lobby. 

Now this is an old hotel- refinished in the most elegant style to which it was built. Dripping with wood and paint and flowers, NO Hipsters allowed with their modern rooms and diamond encrusted peep holes. This hotel is for those who want elegance of a long forgotten age and history and a story...

So, of course, there is a story here-- and Duck Master Anthony tells it with flair. He is the 5th Duck Master and it is a cool job! 

It goes like this -- The Delta starts in the Lobby of the Peabody Hotel and ends in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The old hotel had a manger in the 1930s and he was going hunting with some friends and some Jack Daniels Whiskey... and the live duck decoys were left in the lobby fountain. Now the next morning when they went downstairs the ducks were just swimming in the fountain and the guest loved it and a long standing tradition was born.

Then Mr Pembrose came into the picture and he said he could train the ducks to march from the fountain across a red carpet and into and elevator all the way to the roof, across the roof, and up to the duck palace where they would be sheltered for the night.

Now this Grand idea is true and today you can go to the Peabody Hotel and watch the ducks come into the fountain and leave the each night. Anthony with make it a great event!!!

Now what made this event even better was Coco and I being DUCK MASTERS- in APRONS and with Canes- As aspiring Chefs we had to promise to not cook DUCK at the Peabody!!! It was so much fun to march the ducks around the fountain and into the elevator!! 

Before the hotel tour, we got a tour of the kitchens and we even got to cook a Fillet with Chef Derek in the Capricio Grill. We also toured Chez Philipe and it was stunning!! Very posh and old fashionably GRAND. Now I love kitchen tours but this one really was the best yet, cause that filet was FINE!!!!

Thanks you so much Peabody Hotel, and Staff!

I loved it
Love the duck weed,

The Peabody ducks are wild, only tour the hotel for 3 months and then are released to a restful island where they can then return to the wild if they desire.

P.S I went to the grand ballroom and spoke to the Memphis Chamber Luncheon 

P.P.S I went back to enjoy a night at the Peabody after I won MasterChef Jr.

Capriccio Grill™ at The PeabodyCapriccio Grill™ at The Peabody