Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Schweinehaus : A new cuisine in Overton Square.

Another new restaurant opened up in Overton Square in that great building that used to be Paulettes.

Schweinehaus is a German restaurant, a very fun and happening place.
The decor was nice slightly old fashioned but still nice.

Logan MasterChef Junior Memphis, Tennessee Season 2 GuleffMost of the waiters were wearing very funny T-shirts, worth the trip just for the shirts. I won't tell you, so you can be surprised.

I ordered the Spatzle Mac and Cheese. It is a mac and cheese with eggy dumplings and baked crispy. I liked it. The dumplings had a great texture and the cheese sauce was nice and not grainy.  I don't really like Mac and Cheese, so it was a surprise.
I also ordered a Bratwurst with potato pancakes   and sauerkraut. I liked the Bratwurst it had a great meaty flavor, the sides were nice too. 

Dad ordered the Sausage plate full of like 4 kinds of sausages. I had a few bites of the Wild boar, the Venison, the Bratwurst, and Weisswurst. The wild boar was my favorite on the table. It just had a great flavor and texture. It was awesome. I thought the venison was a bit sweet but nice and not too gamey, if you know what I mean. Probably the sugar helped with that. 

Dad liked it and he enjoyed all the different types of sausage. Now Dad would have liked to have an added meat to off set all that sausage but I thought it was all really good.

Mama had the Weisswurst and the sides. The Weisswurst had a great light flavor and was complemented by the mustard perfectly. We did use all the fancy mustards that came with Dad's plate. I really preferred the whole grain, one of the three was just too sweet for me. 

I bet Mama a dollar that she could not cook the German food, days later, I had to give up my dollar. Mama can cook German food!

I surprised myself trying all this, not because I TRIED it, but because I really liked it all. Mama has made me "German", 3 times since going, and I am happy to eat it every time.

Thanks Schweinhaus!

Love the Cabbage, Leaf,

PS. So try something new and unusual! Be warned it is a bit pricey like most of the new places in Overton Square. 

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