Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When you eat at BoneFish all that's left are bones.

I had a chance to have a celebration dinner a while back and my Dad thought that BoneFish would be a big treat. It is all the way out in Collierville so it felt like an adventure.

I loved the inside it was really fancy and we had a nice table. It did feel like a treat.

I ordered the Lobster which I have only had one other time. The 2 tails were grilled and split open with a really nice clarified butter. I think they were just a bit tough but the lobster had a great taste. The other food on the table were some good looking fish and chips, and a huge burger, which I must say looked too good to not have just a touch of burger envy!

I really prefer to eat at local restaurants but for a chain it was very good.

So if you have a date coming or a business dinner you might want to give it a try.
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Love the cabbage Leaf,


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