Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pizza King Longview, TX from Post MasterChef Junior Auditions Season 2

Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Jr 2 Pizza KingOne of the best things about doing the audition in Dallas for MasterChef Junior Season 2 was getting to visit my cousin Michael in Longview TX. He was in college there and I got to see the campus and it was all really cool.

We took him out for dinner and you might not know this, but Longview is a small town. We asked Siri the best place to go and she said Pizza King.

The inside was really cute with all kinds of vintage cars and trucks. It had a 50's diner feel and I liked it.  
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Jr 2
Relaxing after MasterChef Casting
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Junior 2 Cousin MichaelI was not expecting much in terms of the food. I mean it is a small town and all. But it was really good. We got some salad and ordered maybe 3 pizzas. We wanted to leave Michael with some extra food. You know he is a college guy and probably always can find a friend to share pizza.

I enjoyed the pizza. It was fresh, cheesy and well a pretty good pizza!
Michael liked it too, and when he told his Mom where he was, she told us that is the first place she went on a date with Michael's Dad. Michael had never been so it was kinda fun to think about his Mom and Dad having pizza at the  Pizza King.
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Jr 2 TEXAS
So it you are road tripping through Texas and get hungry- Try it!

PS I did not take and pictures of the food sorry! My cousin Michael was there and I just was too excited to take them!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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