Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Quest for the best sushi continues.


On my quest for the best sushi in Memphis, I always drive by this little midtown sushi place and always wonder how good is the sushi ????

Well, not to long ago I tried Sekisui, its an older sushi restaurant. It is slightly fancy but still casual. They have some nice music playing, overall pretty zen feeling, it had some wear on the tables, but it was still nice.

I looked at the specials and saw 2 pieces of prime tuna Nigiri and uni Nigiri. So I went out of my usual sushi and ordered a half order of the special.

I also ordered 2 pieces of tuna, and 2 pieces of salmon Nigiri. My Mama ordered Gyozo and I ate the miso soup and salad.
Mama thought that the dumplings were very good and that they were  the best dumplings in the city!

The miso soup was pretty much like all the other miso soups, but it had a better type of seaweed in the soup.

The salmon was good quality, a little stringy, the prime tuna had a better flavor than the normal tuna. It tasted fatty, yet succulent but again, a little stringy.

The tuna was very delicious, perfect, not stringy, not fishy, just perfect in all aspects, easily complemented by the wasabi and ginger.

The uni was very fresh, and tasty I have had bad uni before and it tasted like avocados, but this uni was sweet nicely flavored, well balanced but the texture was a little to weird for me.

Definitely one of Memphis's higher end sushi restaurants.

Love the cabbage, Leaf

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