Monday, October 6, 2014

"Cook Wanted", so I applied - The Nina and The Pinta

Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior 2 BBQ Nina Pinta
Logan Guleff Memphis MasterChef Junior 2 It was a beautiful fall day and I went on a field trip to the Nina and Pinta down on the Mississippi
River. I saw a sign that said "Cook Wanted", so I asked for the job, but I had to be, sigh, 18.

I talk to the crew on how terrible the food was and how they needed a good cook. I felt kinda sorry for them, so my Mom said I could bring them dinner. I was all set to smoke some pork anyway, so I decided to give them a good Memphis Style BBQ meal. They were the guinea pigs for new seasoning blends I have been working on, but don't tell them!

I smoked a pork shoulder with my own blends, some sausage and some chicken. It tasted pretty good. I also made my own BBQ sauce to go with the sandwiches. We cooked up some beans and made some slaw.
I got my Dad to drive down to the docks to deliver the dinner. When all the prep work came together, we got to make some great volunteers very happy. The crew of the Nina and Pinta are unpaid, so they don't get to taste much local cuisine.
Logan Guleff MasterChef Junior Memphis

I got to go into the hold of the Pinta and it was cool. The galley is tiny, the hold is tiny, everything is tiny, and it is the bigger of the two ships! Now that made it a field trip! As a thank you they gave me a hat and an awesome postcard signed by the crew!

This may seem really crazy, but it an absolutely positively true story, just ask the crew!

MasterChef Junior USA Logan Guleff  Memphis, Tennessee

Making people happy with food.

Love the cabbage leaf,